Image Source: Pixabay

In this day and age of mobile tablets and smartphones, business owners are having to rethink the way that they engage their audiences. Desktop websites no longer have the ability to make or break your business’s success.

Instead, the future of your company may center on how quickly you can launch a user-friendly and engaging mobile website that customers can access easily from their devices. When you are serious about growing your company beyond its current capabilities, you should discover why you must consider mobile users when designing your business’s website.

More Mobile than Desktop Users

Statistics continue to prove that more people prefer using their mobile devices over laptop or desktop computers. In fact, a recent study showed that there are more than 3.5 billion mobile device users around the world, a figure that accounts for nearly half of the world’s population (according to Data Never Sleeps 5.0).

Given this statistic, it only makes sense that business owners like you would want to tap into such a lucrative and growing market. When you make your website mobile-ready, you expand your business’s ability to reach more people in a shorter amount of time and in a way that was previously not available to entrepreneurs like you until recently.

Mobile Users Spend Money

Statistics also show that people who browse the Internet on their mobile devices are more likely to spend money than if they used a laptop or desktop computer.

When you have a website that is mobile accessible, you increase the chances of visitors buying the products and services you are offering for sale. This increased revenue boosts your profits and gives you more cash flow to work with to grow your company.

Better Brand Growth

Along with reaching more people who are willing to spend money while using their smartphones and tablets, you also give yourself a platform to grow your brand to new heights.

A website that can only be accessed on a laptop or desktop computer limits your growth potential and excludes a large segment of the buying population that otherwise would spend money if they could get your website to display well on their mobile device.

With more than 3.5 billion people ready to click on your website once it can be loaded on a mobile browser, you do not want to miss the opportunity to get your brand out before a larger and more-interested audience. You may grow your brand faster and better than if you were to rely on just a desktop website for your business.

Higher Conversion and Lower Bounce Rates

Finally, a mobile website gives you the chance to increase your conversion rate and lower your bounce rate as you reach a wider audience. As mentioned, people who use mobile browsers to get on the Internet are more likely to follow through with their website visit and actually buy something you are selling.

This conversion lowers your bounce rate and can boost your search engine ranking, letting you outperform your competitors in the global virtual marketplace.

A regular desktop website that cannot be loaded on a mobile browser can sink your ranking and lead to higher bounce rates, however. Customers will not want to shop on a website that they cannot get to load on their mobile devices.

Even with a mobile website, you still need to be mindful of its data limitations. When you want your mobile site to be accessible, user-friendly, engaging, and fast, you may want to partner with a service that can monitor and recommend the right data creation for your company.

Businesses that are serious about surviving today and growing tomorrow need websites that can be loaded on smartphone and mobile tablet browsers. You can gain a competitive edge by creating a website that is mobile-ready today.