As much as Espadrilles are currently making a trendy appearance in modern fashion, these shoes have been in style from the thirteenth century. Their origins can be traced back to Catalonia and Occitania areas, between the French and Spanish Border.

Espadrilles have become the ultimate summer shoes because their design is based on functionality and simplicity. Summer is a carefree and casual season where a lot of people are interested in less restricting clothing and this footwear is the perfect shoes that anyone can wear and keep up with the heat. If you are wondering why you need this particular footwear, below are the five reasons why espadrilles are the shoe that you should wear this summer.

1. They Can be Worn With a Wide Variety of Clothes


This footwear basically goes with everything. Summer is that period where a lot of people tend to dress in loose outfits and a lot of bohemian fashion comes into effect. Whether it is a sundress, cut-off shorts, bathing suit, capris or skirt, this shoes perfectly fit with a lot of different styles. Another thing is that, regardless of your gender, you will always find espadrilles that will suit you.

2. They are Available in Multiple Options


There are hundreds of options of these shoes that are currently available. They range from laced-up, wedges, loafers, flats, beaded, scuff sandals, cross-fronts among others. A lot of renowned brands have also released brand-specific versions, for example, Chanel has the leather option variety, the pretty-lace from Valentino and the collaboration between Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop and Soludos. Yves Saint Laurent introduced it’s own wedged heel option.

3. It’s a Fashion Trend


These shoes have been in fashion for decades. The first modern version was popularized in 1948 by Lauren Bacall, an American actress who was known for her sultry fashion looks, in Key Largo. Over the following years, they continued to gain popularity with fashion houses picking up the trend. Celebrities from Grace Kelly, Sophia Loren, Jennifer Lopez, Kendall Jenner to Kate Middleton have all been spotted with them. Fashion houses such as Balenciaga, Salvatore Ferragamo, H&M, Miu Miu etc. also sell different types of espadrilles.

4. It can be Used for A Wide Range of Activities

night out

These shoes can be worn during different activities. You can wear them when you are indoors while going for an errand, as a fashion statement, while going for an outdoor event, during a beach walk or even while taking your dog for a walk. They are great summer shoes which offer comfort and fashion sense. Basically, you can wear them whether you are staying indoors or outdoors, in the city or countryside, they are just perfect everywhere.

5. They are the Perfect Summer Shoes

summer espadrilles

Summer is characterized by warm temperatures, winds and sometimes even heat waves hence it’s important for people to wear breathable, light and comfortable shoes. Espadrille is the perfect summer shoes because its sole is made up of the esparto rope or halfah grass while the upper part is made of cotton or canvas fabric.

Overall, these summery shoes are beautiful and comfortable and they are the right footwear that you need during the summer season.

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