Most women all over the world use tampons as their primary companion every red days of the month. Aside from the convenience and hassle-free protection it gives, tampons are also preferred over sanitary pads by majority of the teens. Although despite its ease of use, every woman is responsible to pick the right tampon that is both safe and comfortable. Tampons should not be taken lightly– they are inserted to a private, intimate part and risks are always around the corner.


Infections, germs and health hazards are potential threats a girl may face from using tampons. One should be really picky as to the chemicals and toxics present in the product. Some reports have said that most feminine hygiene products contain toxic ingredients. This is something alarming. Using tampons composed of toxic and chemicals may cause irritation to the skin. The most troubling part of it is that the skin tissue in the woman’s intimate area is thinner than the rest of the skin tissues around the body, thus, germs and harmful microorganism can permeate easily inside the vagina.


Probable Issues Encountered with Regular Tampons

These issues should not be left aside. Serious health problems may arise by the use of the regular tampons during periods. Regular tampons use chlorine bleach, which gives it a white color, but in return may cause toxic and other disinfection. Several problems that may be posed by regular tampons with toxic are:


  • Abnormal tissue growth in the abdomen and reproductive organs
  • Abnormal cell growth throughout the body
  • Immune system suppression
  • Hormonal and endocrine system disruption


Reason to Switch to Organic Tampon

This is why organic tampons are better than the regular ones. Organic tampons are 100% chemical and toxic free, made from all organic materials. They provide the same functions as of the other tampons in the market, but it ensures safety and health wellness to its users. Girls will surely be happy to face their red flagged days with the organic tampons as their companion.


With this also diseases related to reproductive health can be avoided. Organic tampons have no synthetic elements in them that exposes the organ to. With it, you will be absolutely safe and no side effect would be experienced. With all the safeties bought by organic tampons, you can actually wear as many as you want and for as long as you want.


Aside from the health security it provides to you, by using organic tampons, you also help sustain an eco-friendly environment and lessened usage of chemicals. Promoting the preservation of our natural resources by patronizing organic products is a good step in helping our mother Earth. Not only did you preserve your vag, you also protect the planet we live in.


Indeed, there is a huge reason why you should switch to organic tampons. People have to protect themselves from deadly diseases and one of the ways, especially for women, is by switching to organic tampons.

If you want to stay healthy and live a long life, better switch to using organic tampons. With it, you will not only protect yourself but the environment as well.