In the past few years, there’s been a conspicuous outburst of undivided attention in documentary film making. Once regarded as one of the most tight-knit movie making forms, it is now one considered to be one of the most sought-after forms of movies. Documentary filmmakers have a creative head and generally strive for a factual and balanced representation of information. Documentaries are a combination of presenting facts and making art. Given the current demand for documentary films, showcasing the art form through a documentary film festival is one great way to start. Or if you are keen on learning about this film making style, you know where to head to.

Let us convince you why you should head to a documentary film festival in 2020.

Why you should attend?


Almost every movie festival promotes masterclasses and panel discussions on the facet of documentary film making. These events are of interest to both viewers and filmmakers. Events like documentary film festivals or for that sake any other festival, are a convenient way to encourage filmmakers and their documentaries. Film festivals like these also assist attendees to gain knowledge about what does behind making a documentary film.

Networking/ Connections

Probably one of the most apparent edges of attending a documentary film festival is to meet like minded filmmakers and moviegoers. Through film festivals, you are likely to meet more documentary filmmakers and there’s this distinctive opportunity at such gatherings because everyone around you has the same interest. So, in such case networking will not feel like forced connection but it will be more of discussion among peers. It is going to be a natural conversation starter, at least you won’t have to worry about ice breaker talks.

Next Idea

Attending film festivals or the niche documentary film festivals shouldn’t keep you away from the off-beat movies. It is common for moviegoers to attend film festivals for certain star cast or a specific director. As a prospective documentary filmmaker or a screenwriter or someone with a genuine interest in this field, you can start exploring different film festivals as each festival has its vibe and people and by attending such festivals, you can begin to discover what works for your projects in the future.

It will be a great experience to encounter the energy at the documentary film festival and the diverse kind of films they tend to attract.


Look around and you will see the whole marketing gimmick designed to advise us what we should watch. You have Netflix that suggests you next watch as per your prior watching history. That’s why film festivals, especially the documentary film festival is so powerful. It’s a completely different form of collection. It is not biased by the opinion of film watchers or those who select the documentary. The movie curators display some of the best, off-beat films from around the globe. These films are curated by people who enjoy this form of art just as much as you enjoy film making or watching. By attending these film festivals, you can expose your mind to films that may never see the light of the box office release.


Film festivals are a great way to engage with people from diverse backgrounds and a great process of bringing along a community. Festivals like these can bring people together to enjoy films, connect with documentary filmmakers and watchers to celebrate the stories told by filmmakers through their film. Attending film festivals brings in a sense of belonging, where the local crowd mingles with hundreds of filmmakers and share their love for the films and react to the films they have seen.

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