Wisdom teeth may not hurt but you need to have them removed in a timely manner. In doing so, you avoid a lot of future dental problems and stay healthy. Dentists also recommend getting those teeth removed and avoid needless dental troubles in future. You can go for oral surgery for the same or consult a dentist to know in detail about dental bridge cost. Many young adults think against getting their wisdom teeth removed largely because there is no visible harm in letting them be inside the mouth. With no pain to bear, should it be important to go for extraction of that set of teeth?

The answer is yes, because even if they are not causing pain, it does not mean they can’t cause harm in future. Cases are many where wisdom teeth have become stuck or impacted, and most importantly, they won’t break through the jaw causing alignment risks to your existing teeth. Such teeth may also grow at an angle not in alignment with other teeth, or it’s also possible that the mouth may be small for them to grow. In such cases, wisdom teeth can damage the neighbouring teeth and weaken your dental structure over time. That’s why getting them removed timely should be done.

In some cases, healthy molars are taken out to stop future problems as ageing can make the bones stronger in mouth making the teeth harder to remove. Worse still, those who wait for the extraction might face problems after surgery than can range from fractured teeth to bleeding to numbness. An x-ray can clearly suggest when is the right time to get those pesky teeth extracted and avoid dental problems over time. If that extra set of molars is not removed timely, there might be damage to other teeth leading to bite problems and mouth pain in some cases as well.

More so, jaw damage can happen when wisdom teeth stay inside the mouth for longer than required. There might be cysts formation around the new tooth which, if not treated, can damage nerves in the jaw. You may also experience sinus pain, congestion and pressure when issues with wisdom teeth grow out of hand. Inflamed gums can happen in such cases due to swelling to the tissues around the concerned area. In some cases, cavities may also be resulted due to swollen gums creating pockets between teeth. Naturally, there will be alignment issues forcing you to go for teeth straightening.

Clearly, there is a need to first know about wisdom tooth extraction cost and then proceed ahead with the treatment. The dentist will look at the shape of your mouth and the teeth position to decide whether the extraction is needed. The dentist may also look at your age before going ahead with the treatment. In all, you should not delay getting the treatment done else your dental health might be at serious risk for sure. Wisdom teeth must be extracted in a timely manner so that you can stay healthy.