If you are running a small or medium business with unsure traffic which is constantly swerving, you must start your search for the best cloud hosting provider. You must have started on shared hosting but when there is uncertain traffic you must immediately upgrade. You will find dedicated server too big for your business. There will a lot of questions revolving in your mind if you are not aware of the cloud technology and its benefits.

What is cloud and why you must move to it:

Cloud is a cluster of interlinked web servers that are housed in different data centers at remote locations globally. Cloud servers are connected to multiple machines which means you are served with unlimited resources of storage, memory, bandwidth etc.

This makes the cloud technology more reliable than the conventional hosting which is served by a single machine. Your business will never face downtime or any disruption in services even during maintenance in the cloud. The best cloud hosting provider is available 24/7 to assist you in case you have an issue that is hampering your website performance.

Majority businesses have adopted the cloud technology in some form or the other. You will lose out to your competition if you do not migrate now. By subscribing to the best cloud hosting India services, you can be assured of the best cloud features like

  • Scalability: Cloud servers scale brilliantly. It works perfectly for the small businesses that have traffic that is not constant. When you anticipate some high traffic, you may increase the server capacity and manage the traffic without slowing down or crashing. Once the rush subsides, you may lockup and restore back to your earlier capacity.
  • Affordable: You are billed on the pay-as-you-use billing model. There is no wastage for you. The service providers are responsible for the hardware, software licenses, maintenance etc. You have considerable savings in the infrastructure and need not recruit technical experts for managing the server.
  • Collaboration: Cloud services are all vis the internet. This allows you to stay in touch with your business from anywhere and at any time if you have access to the internet. You can use your smartphone, laptop, tablet, desktop etc to work on your applications. This saves you plenty of money and time.

Highest form of security to your data:

If you are among the few who fear the safety of the data since they are housed in remote locations, you can be assured the cloud technology adopts top class security practices. The best cloud hosting provider encrypts the entire information at the source before copying and distributing it across their servers. Even if an online fraudster intercepts the data, it will be of no value to them.

How to pick the right provider:

Looking at the benefits mentioned above, you can estimate the superiority of the cloud over the traditional hosting. The question that arises is how to pick the best cloud hosting provider that will suit your business requirements. It becomes more complex since not all services are similar.

Do not go by the reviews:

A common mistake that many do is of taking a decision based on the reviews published in the provider’s site. This is wrong. A person may appreciate or disapprove a service based on its impact on their business. Your brand may have a different requirement. What suited your friend will not necessarily suit you.

Make use of the free trials:

The best cloud hosting provider usually offers a free trial. This is an ideal way to know if their services are suitable for you or not.