Auto sliding gates are the in high demand these days. Auto Sliding gate kits not only look voguish but provides solidness and safety too. It plays an important role by preventing the intruders to barge-in a building. These gates prove extremely secure because of technological design and mechanism. These gates open sideways from left to right. The auto sliding gate kits are frequently in demand by most commercial property owners to increase their space as well as making space for vehicles to pass and have tight security.

With the Sliding Gates, you get added security for your private or business place:

There are many types of Auto Sliding gates available in the market, each having different features and mechanisms.

The different types of Auto sliding gate kits are:

  • V-Track Automatic Sliding Gate: These auto sliding gate kits are installed with wheels at the bottom and a slide feature with a metal track installed on the ground. The designs of a V-Track gate have a distinguished “V” shape at the middle.
  • Rolling Automatic Sliding Gate: These gates are also equipped with rubber wheels at the bottom. The rubber wheels help these gates to slide open easily without the need of any metal track fitting on the ground. These gates are best suited for residential properties. You can also install the cantilever gates to add the resale value of your property.
  • Telescopic Auto Sliding Gates: Also known as Tandem gates, these gates are multi-piece electric gate which works best at places with minimum space. Irrespective the choice of a gate one chooses, the buyer should consider a few pointers before buying an Auto Sliding Gate Kit.

Pointer for consideration before buying an Auto Sliding Gate

Buying an auto sliding gate kit isn’t a cakewalk. There are many parameters that consideration before investing in one such gate. Therefore, these pointers are the apt checklist for everyone who plans to buy and install an electric sliding gate in their premises.

  • The times the gate will get used: Residential properties have minimum time usage of auto-sliding gates. The family mostly uses the gates in the morning while leaving for their planned scheduled or at night.However, commercial properties have frequent usage of the auto sliding gate kits. Therefore, one should consider the times they tend to use a sliding gate and install one accordingly.
  • Who will use the gate?: In residential properties, it is the homeowners who often uses and operates the sliding gate. They will follow every instruction carefully imparted by the installer. However, in the case of commercial properties, it is the gatekeepers who have the responsibility and access to usage of these gates.  They won’t be as careful as one owner will be while using such gates. Therefore, the owner must consider this point while selecting a gate. Now you can find these gates in both manual and automated varieties. So even if you have no security guard at the gate, you can surely use the remote control or automate the opening and closing of the gates from your laptop, even if you are not present at the gate value.
  • Evaluating the space: Evaluation of the space for the installation of a gate is an important aspect before choosing a gate. According to the space left for a gate, one can consider the choices left with the auto sliding gate kits.
  • Auto sliding gates provide adequate security and commendable style statement for a property. But, one needs to be very careful while deciding the type, look, material and the installation of an electric sliding gate.