WordPress is a popular content management system (CMS) that accounts for nearly 25% of all the websites in the world. Capturing a whopping 65% of CMS market share, it’s a platform powering close to 77 million blog sites across the world. Every year, over 125 million free themes get downloaded belonging to this particular platform itself and above all, it’s responsible for a huge 50,000 websites launched daily worldwide. These numbers and stats are stratospheric in true sense for a platform that came into being in 2003 as an open source technology. And since then, it has grown by leaps and bounds to become more than just a blogging platform.

Quite clearly, WordPress has the trust and support of a growing number of people and businesses which makes it responsible for every fourth website created on it. When we dig deeper and analyze its features, we find it a free and open source platform – free to use, edit and redistribute with original source codes available to one and all. The software is free to download from its official website, it comes with unlimited validity and users can get it with one-click installation facility. Similarly, it is developed in a manner to help in creation of any type of websites with ease.

More so, it’s no longer only a blogging or publishing platform as many would believe, as users can get the desired level of versatility and flexibility with the software to create virtually any type of site or web-enabled tool. In fact, it comes loaded with a range of plugins and themes to enhance its functionality in a big way. What’s more, the software is fit whether you want to run a blog, create an e-commerce website, develop a portal, design a video platform or make a membership site and so on. To top it all, the platform is SEO-friendly and websites created using it will rank better in search engines.

In addition, businesses can benefit from various SEO plugins available to boost the search engine visibility of their WP website. The ease of use is another reason of its popularity as the software comes loaded with facilities for blogging, RSS feeds, user management, comments and much more. With WordPress, one can also customize colors, design and features of an in-built theme and add more value to the website thus created. Apart from that, the CMS comes with high-security standard in place and hackers or malware-senders find it extremely tough to break through its defenses and cause damages.

More so, the software provides regular updates and keeps it protected from any security-related vulnerability. Plus, its rich text editor supports insertion of audio, video, images and pics in blog posts to deliver more value to entities and individual users. Clearly, the platform is worth the trust given the features and benefits it brings to the table. It thus makes sense to hire a top WordPress development company for your projects of any scale and size and reap rich rewards on the web.