For couples who are struggling to conceive, or for single or lesbian women who want a baby by means of a sperm donor, treatment within the UK can be problematic. For one thing, it can be prohibitively expensive, especially if more than one round of treatment is required to get the desired result. For another, there is something of a shortage of egg and sperm donors in the UK, which are needed for some of the treatments patients like these require.

IVFA way of alleviating the financial and logistical burdens UK fertility medicine can throw up that many people have found useful is to have the treatment abroad. One of the most popular locations these women and couples are flying to to achieve the pregnancy they want is Spain. Here we look at why Spain is well worth considering if you are in need of an egg donor, IVF or artificial insemination:

High Tech Facilities For Less

One of the main reasons why people from the UK, Ireland and other Northern European countries seek out artificial insemination, egg donation and in vitro fertilisation (IVF) in Spain, is that they can get the same high level of service, a great team on their case, and the latest technology for a much lower price. IVI clinics, have facilities all over mainland Spain in cities such as Las Palmas, Malaga, Valencia, Seville, Madrid and Barcelona, as well as in Lisbon in Portugal, and have a huge 90% success rate in getting their female patients pregnant when undertaking any of their assisted reproduction treatments. They use the latest in technology and have some of the best doctors and IVF lab technicians in the industry, and yet can perform procedures at a lower cost than equivalent services in the UK. This is the most significant reason why both UK couples with conception problems and single or gay women wanting artificial insemination with donated sperm choose to travel to Spain.

A Pleasant Place To Be

spain medical care unitSpain has been, for decades now, one of the favourite places for people from Northern Europe (especially the UK) to visit on vacation. Whether it is a city break in Barcelona or a beach holiday in Magaluf, Spain has been a big draw because of its great climate, nice food, and interesting culture. While these may not be at the forefront of your mind when considering medical treatment, your procedure may take a long time – many assisted reproduction treatments require you to have hormone injections for a couple of weeks prior to the insemination or implantation of the embryos – and when you have to be available to go to the clinic every day, being in pleasant, holiday style surroundings can only make the experience less stressful!

There are plenty of reasons to consider flying to Spain for your IVF or other reproductive or fertility treatment, so why not talk to the experts at a Spain based clinic like IVI now to get the ball rolling?