Lanyards are among the most widely used items for brand promotion tasks. A growing number of companies put their trust, and money as well, into them to gain a bigger brand exposure at affordable prices. Using lanyards, companies get the opportunity to advertise their logo, mission statement, mascot, website URL etc. to achieve the best of promotion results. Whether conference, trade show, exhibition, convention or product launch, the use of lanyards is on the rise which shows how much value companies have on them for exposure and conversions. That’s why ignoring them would be a mistake at a time when others are leveraging them to make their presence felt in the market.

Here are some of reasons to use lanyards for marketing & advertising reasons –

1. Lanyards are for anybody to use

One of the best things about lanyards is, anybody can use it as their utility is widespread. Unless most other products whose utility is restricted to a particular segment, lanyards are free of such burdens and enjoy a presence cutting across gender and age boundaries. So, if students can use them with their school IDs, then officegoers can benefit from them with their badges. In general, lanyards are also used to carry mobile phones and keys (around the neck). This very usefulness is the reason why lanyards are a great tool for marketing.

2. Lanyards are economical

We often believe that most of advertising tools are costly and beyond the reach of small companies. The same is at least not true with lanyards as their cost just a fraction of what traditional marketing tools like TV, radio, billboard, posters etc. cost. Plus, their reach is always on par with the best in the business and people who wear them can help enhance your brand visibility manifold. This very economical nature, coupled with the ability to load with information, makes lanyards a great tool for marketing.

3. Lanyards can reach to everyone

Since lanyards are an item with utility for everybody, companies can expect them to deliver great level of brand visibility or exposure through those who wear it. The persons wearing lanyards given by you are likely to interact with many people and this is how brand visibility can multiply. A large number of prospects can this come in contact with your brand vision even without spending a lot of money. For that’s why lanyards continue to be a great tool for marketing in every region and situation.

4. Lanyards are easy to customize

The ease of customization offered by lanyards is hard to find elsewhere making it a powerful tool for marketing. From the selection of material to length, color, width, attachment etc. companies can have a complete control over lanyards. On top of that, you can also choose the slogan, message or mission to be printed on them for brand promotion goals. And don’t forget, manufacturers won’t take much of time in putting together lanyards in any quantity or on any scale.

5. Lanyards can be distributed anytime, anywhere

The flexibility to distribute lanyards anytime and anywhere makes them a great tool for marketing. With promotional lanyards Australia, you don’t need to put together an event and then give away to potential customers. You can find recipient outside schools, in shopping malls, within the community etc. You can give them away at community gatherings or fairs without having to spend any money in the process. This is why companies make a beeline to include lanyards in their brand promotion campaigns and achieve the desired results.

So, take lanyards on their face value and get the most out of them for brand awareness targets.