Golf GTI 2020 is one of the best cars from Volkswagen. Therefore, it is not hard for people to understand why people opt for this vehicle when walking into Seaside Volkswagen dealership. However, it was observed that a number of people are still confused as to why getting this car would be good for them.

Well, in short, this car has everything from a powerful engine to excellent interiors, comfortable riding, etc. Have a look at these in detail!

Interior and exterior

Before going any further into the details of engine power, performance, and more; it is better to understand what attracts the people first. Volkswagen Golf GTI 2020 version is a hatchback model that offers every comfort one is looking for in a vehicle.

  • Interior – It is remarkably crafted with leather seats that give an elegant feeling to owners. However, apart from this, a few notable features include automatically controlling dual zone climate, adjustable power seats, etc. Moreover, it comes with sufficient cargo space as well as storage spaces in-cabin.
  • Exterior – The exterior built using high quality materials that makes it a sturdy car and can withstand certain amount of impact with ease. Also, the exterior offers a design that offers a sophisticated look and paintjob is done magnificently that makes people gawk at it when passing on road.

Engine specs and more

  • Power – 228 horsepower Turbocharged engine is one of the greatest that is equipped in this vehicle. Though, an individual might not feel overwhelming power when driving it but offers robust acceleration and instant response that makes driving this vehicle quite fun.
  • Transmissions – Models with manual transmission are quite swift so that changing gears doesn’t feel like hard work. However, most prefer automatic dual-clutch option for the smoothest possible ride with non-manual transmission.
  • Handling – Driving this car is bliss as it is highly responsive, nimble, and makes turning around corners an easy task even for novice drivers. Apart from being accurate and quick, it offers firm braking, ideal progression on road, and a strong vehicle when on track.
  • Mileage – Lastly, this superb engine offers 24 mpg when on city and EPA for highway is 32 mpg. However, various tests showed that it has the ability to even go over 36 mpg on highway. This is why one should get this car from Volkswagen dealer Salinas.


The base model, which is S Manual trim starts from $28,595 and S Automatic costs $29,395. Next is the SE variants; the manual version costs $32,195 and Automatic one is $32,995. Lastly, it’s Autobahn series whose manual and automatics trims are priced at $36,495 and $37,295 respectively. Though numerous people primarily opt for the Autobahn and SE version, the S series is also a remarkable option for people not willing to spend over $30,000.

Now, hopefully it is clear that why you should get a Volkswagen Golf GTI 2020 even if you have other cars in your garage. It is one of the best cars from this automobile manufacturing company and guaranteed to satisfy all your vehicle needs without any problem.

Get one today!