Timber Wall Panels are a fairly new concept; till date, timber was synonymous with floorboards. Now, the concept of using timber panels for walls is slowly becoming quite a popular concept. Such panels lend the room a resplendent interior. While making timber a part of the wall interior, one should take into account the right choice of timber panels. This might be the deciding factor between a room that has outstanding interiors and a room with dull and drab interiors.

The timber panels for the wall can grant the room a rich and sophisticated look that makes for stout design statement. These are usually a popular choice for the living room and lounge area as well as office decor. Using the panels of timber helps to make the people in the room feel comfortable and infuses a sense of warmth, reliability, and security in them.


In the world of timber panels for the walls, a huge range of options and colours are readily available. This wide range of choices ensures that the client will definitely find a timber panel which will feature perfectly in their interior decoration plans. Clients are usually disappointed when they have to go for their second choice, so the huge range of options is key to client satisfaction meaning they leave satisfied with the chosen timber panel. Some of the many options that are readily available include:

  •        Brown Textured Timber Panels: If the client is looking for timber wall panels that would be bold and inspiring, then this one is a perfect choice.
  •        Grey Textured Timber Panels: The greyish wood panels give the room an elegant and sophisticated look.
  •        Prime/Unfinished Textured Timber Panels: As the name suggests, these look unfinished but when coupled with vibrant furniture, these can change the look of the room completely.
  •        Light Tan Textured Timber Panels: If the client is looking for wall interior that exudes warmth and looks charming, then this kind of timber panels is a perfect choice.
  •        Weathered Textured Timber Panels: These panels have a dark overtone so contrasting floor and carpets with lighter tones like beige can create the perfect combination of contrasting ideas.
  •        White and Whitewash Textured Timber Panels: Timber panels with a white colour provide a sense that the room is bigger. Thus, for smaller spaces, this can be a great choice for the walls.
  •        Timber panels give the walls a wooden finish look, giving the room a natural and sophisticated look.
  •        Walls with timber panels are usually easier to clean.
  •        Covering walls with timber panels remove the nasty plastering lines that get discolored with time and accumulate dirt. These plastering lines are visible in walls covered with tiles.
  •        For walls that look disfigured or have cables and wires hanging loose, timber panels can be an amazing solution. Proper planning and execution can cover up the flaws to beautify the wall. If paint or wallpaper is used, covering up the flaws will be impossible.
  •        A warm and cozy environment can be created using timber paneled walls and upholstery.
  •        Wall paneled with timber is a great way to create thermal and audio insulation.
  •        Restoration is an easy job. If the damage is substantial then replacement is hassle-free. Just replace the damaged panels leaving the rest of the wall untouched.

Easy restoration and replacement play a crucial role in growing popularity of timber paneled walls. Another important reason behind it becoming a popular option for paneling walls is the availability of such a wide range of colours. This ensures that the client is bound to find one that suits his/her taste and preference. All of the above-mentioned factors help to sway the crowd towards timber panels for walls.