There’s a lot of buzz going around the women’s circle about this eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to sanitary pads and tampons. Ring a bell? It is menstrual cups!

Maybe you have heard about menstrual cups on advertisements or from your friends talking about its pros and cons, and surely you have wondered about the mysterious rubber cups along the way.

Thus, here is the information about the menstrual cup, primarily focusing on why it is excellent to use during work out or physical activities during the period. Now, if you are a woman of sports or is physically active, then this might pique your interest too.

What Makes Menstrual Cups So Popular?

Did you know that menstrual cups have been around the same as tampons are? It has actually been around since the 1930s, but it only recently began gaining its popularity now. So, why the sudden change?

Well, buying a box of sanitary pads or tampons every month, then tossing each one out after four to five hours of wearing it is obviously not great for the environment nor one’s productivity. Because of the said reasons, many women are now opting for sustainability and eco-friendly products, especially now that it has become a global movement for Mother Earth.

Since menstrual cups are reusable, sanitary, and can be used for six up to twelve hours (depending on how heavy your menstrual flow), it is great for athletes or women who are physically active that likes to be out all day such as hiking or biking. This is especially necessary if the place might not have easy access to a bathroom.

Now, imagine, if you are an endurance athlete of running, surely you would know how it feels not to go for a pit stop or bathroom during your practice or a marathon, right? It would definitely lighten up your worries and make you focus on what’s in front of you.

What Menstrual Cups Are and How It Works?

You may or may not have heard of a menstrual cup before, but you have probably seen them in stores or some random advertisement while scrolling through social media like Daisy menstrual cup. However, let us explain to you physically and technically speaking what menstrual cups are.

Menstrual cups are flexible rubber cups that are usually made of medical grade silicone which shapes like a diaphragm. In addition to this, is that menstrual cups differ in shapes and sizes like there is one with v-shape and can be bought with small, medium, and large to cater to different cervixes of women.

As to how menstrual cup works, you only need to squeeze it inside your vagina and gently push it in giving a little twist so that it will snugly settle against the cervix. You will then hear a pop, which means that it is now correctly sealed inside and you are good to go!

Although it does get some practice to get the fit just right, since the cups are sold in different sizes, there is a technique that can be done to tell you right away which size is right for you without putting the cup in.

The said technique will be the Knuckle Method, which you will be using your knuckles to measure your cervix. For instance, lower cervixes are measured with the knuckle closest to the tip of your finger. Now, remember, the best way to accurately measure it with your knuckle is the time of your period.

Why is it Great for Workouts?

So, for the finale, why is it great for workouts or any physical activities? Imagine this, stopping mid-race to switch out your tampon is not fun and definitely not helping with your activity since tampons can only be used for up to six hours maximum. However, in menstrual cups, you can use it up to twelve hours —that alone speaks a lot as to why cups are great.

Many women say that the most helpful thing about menstrual cups is that there are no strings, unlike tampons that need to have a string attached since you will not need to worry about chafing during a long run.

In addition, you will not also need to worry even with strength workouts like a HIIT boot camp exercise routine, since there would be no any leakage issues if you have the proper menstrual cup size, which is thanks to the suction that goes with the menstrual cup use.


The information above might now have given you the gist of how menstrual cup works and how it can help women out there, especially those who are physically active or athletes.

Although tampons, sanitary pads, and menstrual cups have their pros and cons, it is best that you know what would suit your needs best during your menstrual cycle so that your activities that day will not be hindered by your period.