Singapore is one of the fast progressing economies in the world today. The  significant increase in the per-capita-income has attracted people from across the world, to settle down in this country for good.

World class transit systems, superior standards of infrastructure, high standard of living, best healthcare amenities, and internationally recognized schools, are some of the main reasons that have made this country one of the best places to live, on a permanent basis.

Besides these, there are several other reasons why this country has been the best choice for investors. You could actually think of migrating both, your home and business to Singapore.

Significant growth in real estate market

Thanks to the well developed infrastructure, Singapore is now seen as one of the most sought-after real estate investment places in the world. The real estate Industry in the country has seen tremendous growth in past couple of decades.

For those individuals and businesses thinking of investing on international properties, Singapore makes an ideal choice. You can also expect to get good appreciation and returns on property investments.

Several top builders, contractors, property developers, realtors, and construction companies have already begun their real estate projects in Singapore. This has further accelerated the progress, leading to faster growth of businesses.

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Financial benefits of property investments in Singapore

People who are planning to invest in the property market in Singapore get so many benefits. Some of them are mentioned below as:

  • This city provides no restrictions on investment in property. A lot of real estates properties are available for people to buy at a reasonable rates. The country offers ease for doing business, because of transparent and simple laws.
  • The property cost in Singapore is comparatively cheaper than what it cost in other major cities in the developed countries. It also means that you can expect to start a business with lesser capital investments.
  • The government of Singapore charges only eighteen percentage of VAT for new real estate properties, Just around 3% for stamp duty, and a minimal 1 % for legal fees. All these state policies, effectively bring down the cost of the properties in Singapore.
  • As a real estate investor in Singapore you can surely expect enhanced returns on investment (ROI). Singapore also offers robust investment instruments, such as stock exchange, trading, home loans, etc.

Other benefits

  • Favorable Demographics

According to International Monetary Fund (IMF), Singapore is considered to be the third wealthiest country, in respect to economic output per person. In this city, you will find a maximum number of millionaires, and lowest unemployment rates, making it one of the most desirable place to live.

  • Free and Open Economy:

Singapore is a very clean, safe, peaceful, and modern city. Due to its free and open nature of the economy, it is one of the most sought cities to run a business, with very appealing tax rates, low level of corruption. You can easily procure skilled manpower and advanced equipment for reasonable costs.

  • Diversified economy

Singapore is also a major financial hub and a large pharmaceuticals sector. It provides the best level of financial, shipping, and tourism services.

These are some of the reasons why the immigration rate of Singapore has been increasing year after year.  Singapore is a strong and emerging economy and serves as a central location for businesses and trade. Therefore, investing in this city can yield you good returns in a short time.