A vegetable peeler is one of the most popular and ingenious kitchen-tool in use today. Many new tools have taken front over time but the vegetable peeler has retained its importance even among them. Having replaced the knife for peeling vegetables, the peeler is a tool with a metal blade attached to a plastic handle, much like a knife but with several benefits over it. There are two main types of peelers; the swivel peeler (with a blade that moves and is unlocked) and the peeler knife. The blade too can be of two types; serrated or smooth. The serrated blade is better suited to vegetable peeling.

Why are these among the most popular kitchen tools? Let’s look at several benefits of using peelers to peel vegetables.

1.     They peel perfectly!

Peeling with a knife often leads to removal of an unnecessarily thick skin. The peeler, on the other hand, is known to remove the thinnest possible peel from the vegetable and does so evenly. Therefore, necessary nutrients are not wasted. This ensures an efficient use of the vegetable, not wasting the product in the process of peeling. They peel perfectly!

2.     Peelers are safe

The plastic handle of the peeler ensures that you are safe distance away from the blade and the blade itself is unlikely to cause a serious injury. They enable you to safely and efficiently handle carrots, potatoes, cucumbers and other vegetables while peeling them effectively.

3.     Swivel peelers are very easy to use

Swivel peelers have blades that can move in the plastic handle. This allows the blade to move according to the contours of the vegetable you are peeling and also to peel uneven surfaces efficiently.

4.     They can also be used for cutting thin slices

Vegetable peelers are also ideal for slicing a vegetable into fines even slices; squash for rolls or potatoes for chips, for example

How to select a perfect peeler:

As we know, there are numerous peelers in the market. First we have to select which one is the  best one and can provide all the above mentioned benefits. The first thing to see is the blade of a peeler you’re going to buy. There are two types of blades you will see a horizontal one and a vertical one. But a peeler with a horizontal blade Is more preferable. Because it has multipurpose. A horizontal blade peeler can be use to peel fruits or vegetables of all shapes but a vertical one is only useful for elongated fruits or vegetables therefore, the later is preferable. One can also use a swivel peeler. Swivel with the word defines its use at it means one in which the blade moves and is not locked. They are best to use for uneven fruits and vegetables surfaces.

Coming to the blades, you will find two types of blades one serrated and other smooth. But for soft fruits and vegetables the serrated blade is best. Some people worry about the material of peeler and worry what if they react with fruits. But to solve this issue we have ceramic peelers which are light weight and doesn’t react with the fruits. The plastic handle peeler is best one, as it is light weight, non slippery and have no irregularities. Also, make sure to select one with a double-sharpened blade if you are left-handed.

Peelers are thus must-have tools for kitchens, practical and convenient to use. Have to prepare salad for a gathering? No problem at all if you have the right peeler at hand. Just make sure you have the best one there is. So go ahead and choose your peelers today if you do not have one already in your kitchen!