Losing a tooth is tough as it disturbs the quality of life in a big way. It not only causes physical problems but also psychological ones and both hamper the pace of life. With one or more teeth gone or lost, you are bound to face troubles in everyday activities like speaking or eating.

Further, teeth loss means the charm and dazzle of the smile fades away and the facial aesthetics suffer a big blow. All this has a huge impact on your overall personality as you feel like a transformed individual overnight, although in a negative way.

Clearly, losing a tooth or teeth is more damaging that we can actually imagine and this is why those who suffer look to get it fixed on an immediate basis. They turn to the dentist and get to know how dental implants are the best possible option to replace the missing tooth or teeth.

Who should get an implant?

Many people suffer from the condition of a missing tooth but most of them are not aware about the right option. Only few know about implants and those who do, don’t delay getting the missing teeth replaced for great result.

Before doing the same, you should know who is a right candidate for implants –

  • Those who have lost one or more natural teeth and look for a durable or long term replacement

  • Those who have missing teeth and want to get back their facial aesthetics

  • Those facing problems while eating and speaking in the wake of missing natural teeth

  • Those not comfortable with dentures and want something more reliable and superior

Reasons for choosing dental implants over other prosthetics

For your missing teeth, there surely can’t be a better and more durable replacement option that implants. They are superior to other prosthetics available on the market. They have great value and that’s why you would prefer them over bridges or dentures.

Here are reasons for choosing dental implants over other dental prosthetics –


Implants can function for a lifetime provided right care is taken with them. The same is not true with bridges or dentures as they generally don’t last that long. So, they are only a one-time investment and once fitted them, they can even outlast you!

Restore your charming appearance

Implants are the best way to get back the ruined smile and faded facial aesthetics. The dentist will place good-looking prosthesis over the implants which will restore the charm of your smile. This is how you restore the charming appearance.

Totally harmless

Dental implants are totally harmless to your tooth structure in every aspect. Their replacement does not need any kind of tampering with the adjacent teeth. Which means, there is absolutely no harm to your natural tooth structure and that’s why they are preferred that much.

Freedom to eat anything and everything

Implants give you the freedom to eat anything and almost everything you wish. So, there is no bar for eating either sticky or hard foods as it often the case with dentures. No matter what you eat, the teeth won’t break or dislodge ever.

Natural feeling and comfort

Dental implants look, feel and behave exactly like your natural teeth. Since they get embedded within the jaw bone, their functionality and comfort level is bound to match those of the natural one.

Hassle-free way to get oral hygiene

Dental implants are as easy to clean and you’d do with natural teeth. They don’t require any special effort as it often the case with bridges or dentures. This is how superior oral hygiene is maintained.

So, fix you meeting with a top dentist Greenpoint and know more about dental implants.