Planning a family vacation should be fun. After months of driving to and fro between office and home, picking up the grocery and running chores, all parents deserve a supreme getaway in the laps of nature. However, the idea of holiday expenses often sends us scuttling back to our work desks. What is a smart way for you to enjoy every bit of your family time in a faraway land without crunching the numbers?

Let us start at the very beginning. Pick a place that will not drain out your savings account. The ideal way to go about this is finding a country that has a low living cost. South African Rand is cheap compared to Euro and US Dollar. Therefore, a lot of smart Americans are fulfilling their foreign trip dreams by booking family holidays there. You need to begin planning early since the months between November and February are the busiest in the country. South African summers are incredible, and you will get to see some of the most unforgettable vistas.

Hotels and vacation rentals: the unavoidable challenges for traveling families

Zimbali in SA is one of the few locations where you will find all the key elements of a family vacation within your reach. Safaris, nature walks, expansive beaches, emerald green waters and incredible natural formations provide breathtaking backgrounds to dozens of family photos. You will find scores of lodges, hotels, and resorts in the location, but unless you have at least four months in hand before your trip, you will have a tough time booking one at a fair price.

Booking apartment rentals come with specific challenges. Sometimes, the listings are not up-to-date, and you end up paying for a house that is not fully-furnished. Moreover, renting a vacation home requires intensive work to keep the place together. You will have to think about cleaning, washing, groceries, and cooking, the very things you are trying to run away from right now!

What is a smart answer to your problems?

Timeshare rentals are great options for families, who love to stick together and live together. The Zimbali rentals and accommodation gives you the chance to live in a real South African home for the time. As opposed to vacation rentals for travelers that demand a lot of responsibilities and no escape from family chores, the timeshare rentals in South Africa have myriads of facilities for adults and kids on-site.

Look for timeshares that are family-friendly. You can sort and filter your options from Google and other third-party review sites by setting your priorities. Many of these rentals have specialized kid’s activity schedules. You can choose your accommodation depending on the availability of kid’s pools, game rooms, and sports facilities. Children do not like to laze around alone, while their parents are out snorkeling or paragliding. You should always think about your children’s interests and experiences before you pay for a rental booking.

Timeshare rentals at Zimbali might be the answer to all your vacation problems. You will save a fortune, without compromising your experience of South Africa.