Kids love playing. Play is important for their development and well-being. Without play boredom kills them and there is no sign of any development/progress in children. For a healthy development and to make a responsible child, play is a very essential part of kid’s life. Here are some reasons why you should encourage them to.


It helps them unwind after a long day at school

Your kids have worked hard all day, filling their minds with all sorts of information, running around saving the world from the baddies and discussing important things with their friends. They deserve to have a break and do something relaxing. Adults may not always realize this, but children get stressed out too; they just don’t always show it in the same way as grown ups. Playing games is a great way for your kids to take their mind off anything that may be bothering them. What’s more, these games make children laugh and laughter is, after all, the best medicine. Doing something they enjoy for a short amount of time before dinner, or a couple of hours before bed, can help them settle down and get ready for a good night’s sleep.

It is enjoyable

Kids love having fun. That’s just what they do. Playing Tom and Jerry games is a way for kids to do something pleasurable. The fact that they are engaging with their favorite characters makes it even more enjoyable for them, as the feeling of familiarity adds to their pleasure. Playing and having fun is all part of the process of growing up. Many children need constant entertainment and this is not necessarily a bad thing. Playing games occupies their attention and keeps them busy. Any parent will agree that having a bored child can be a lot to deal with. Most importantly, having fun makes kids happy. It improves their general well-being and makes them balanced, healthy individuals.

It helps their intellectual development

Research shows that computer games help children’s brains develop. Having to think about the rules of the game forces them to make connections between areas of knowledge they have already gained new information. With Tom and Jerry games, their language skills improve as they read the instructions and learn new words. Furthermore, their creativity is stimulated as they are challenged to find new ways of winning the game. Certain games require lateral thinking. Others require precision, concentration and patience. The whole process of winning and losing can be good preparation for the ‘real world’. It is important for children to know that they cannot always get exactly what they want but that if they try hard they are more likely to succeed.

It is a good incentive for them to do well at school

Children respond well to a system of rewards. So, for example, in exchange for your children bringing home good grades or a good report from their teacher, allow them to play the games they love for an hour or so after school. This could also work for chores, for instance, in return for helping to wash the car or taking the dog for a walk. Allowing children to do what they want to, is very important. However, letting them know their limits and boundaries is good. This way a good behavior is rewarded.

Games can be a great way for children to have fun and learn at the same time. Why not play with them and test your own skills too?

Lisa jane is a technology expert who writes and blogs regularly. She has three children who often challenge her at tom and jerry games .