Generally, men think that jeans govern the fashion sense of their outfit when it comes to bottom wear. But is that so really?

T-shirts and jackets are always going to be on top preferences, but don’t ignore your lowers. They equally contribute to the fashion statement. The right pair can make your outfit complete, but the wrong one, on the other hand, can make your outfit look dull.

Most of us guys opt for jeans because they are easy to choose, comfortable and trendy. But so are the other bottom-wears. With all the new designs and stylish outfits, men too have an extensive lower-wear collection to choose. Though it might be not as comprehensive as women’s collection, it is fun and appropriate enough to like.

When we talk about comfort lower wear for men at home, boxers & shorts are the only options which first come in mind. Yet, pyjamas also rule over the wardrobe as they are highly comfortable and apt to wear outdoors or at night outs too, when paired with a quirky chappal for men.


Almost everyone at home wants physical ease and pyjamas are the best options. Pyjamas will give you relaxation to roam  about. Men pyjamas are the best selling bottom wear too.

While choosing the pyjamas, here is a list of factors to keep in mind.

  • It should have a flexible waistband and a drawstring.
  • Tapered ankles
  • Side Zip Pockets
  • Breathing room
  • Durable material (Depends on use – Nylon/Cotton Blends)
  • Light-weight
  • When choosing the colour, it is best to stick to dark shades as you can pair it with any colour t-shirt.


Boxers provide the best comfort in lowers for men. They are a must-have for all gym-going men.

Athletic shorts are saviors during a heavy workout session. These are loose-fitted shorts made from looser cotton blends to provide comfort during workout sessions.

While choosing the shorts, here is a list of factors to consider.

  • Length: Stick to knee length, so it doesn’t interfere during your training session.
  • Material: It is available in spandex, polyester, Lycra and cotton. Choose the content based on your use.
  • Quality: Make sure it is flexible and comfortable.

Working out in style

Fitness starts and ends with your drive to do better than yesterday. There are multiple variables involved in the journey to optimum wellness, and one of them is your performance wear. The right clothes will not only help you work out better but also last longer. If you’re looking for a pair of men’s lowers option, then check out range of knitted bottoms for men, comprising maximum comfort and pure functionality.

Run like the pros

Lowers for men are available for every kind of athlete, from the beginner at the local jogging path to the professionals at the stadium tracks. The cotton-polyester blend lowers for men are perfect for daily short runs. As you build up strength and stamina, make the shift to training tights as these are extraordinary to maintain muscle structure during high-intensity workouts and boost performance.

Go ahead and create your kit from our catalog of track wear, and shop lower for men on

Lowers for home

We’re all guilty of this, but what if lowers were destined to serve a dual purpose of being our support system on active and lazy days! For those of you who are on the lookout for stylish lowers for the home or a casual day out with friends, our range of men’s lowers will have you spoiled for choice.

Joggers for men are perfect when worn with a pair of sneakers or flip-flops, and when the weather gets chilly, these joggers are ideal winter wear cause boxers are the best choice in summer.

At, we have many prints, including famous characters & superheroes. There is also a wide range of Disney pyjamas and many more. The first impression says it all! And since lowers are a deciding quotient of your outfit style, make sure you get the right ones! Stick to what is comfortable, but don’t be afraid to experiment.