The loss of a loved one is always tough. To some people, it even causes depression. However, you still have to make the hard decision. Do you go with traditional burial or cremation? More and more people are going with cremation as the final disposition method. Cremation is becoming more popular across the globe, and there are factors that have led to this trend. This post takes a look at the key reasons why many people are opting for cremation.


A lot of work goes into a traditional ground burial. In addition to paying for a burial space at the cemetery, you have to make other arrangements such as getting the remains to the cemetery, getting the headstone made, and dealing with the pain of families skipping the embalming. However, this is not the case with cremation. As a matter of fact, cremation is 40 to 50% cheaper than a traditional burial. The urns are cheaper than caskets, and the whole process is not as involving.


Most people go for cremation because of its simplicity. There is no need for an elaborate ground burial ceremony that involves viewings, pallbearers, caskets, headstones and other things. The urn is also small and easier to handle than the casket. What is more is that you don’t have to involve as many people to help with the ceremony. You can keep it as simple as you want.


Cremation services will help free up your time. You will also be able to hold on to the remains of your loved one indefinitely until you arrange a burial, scattering or any other method of disposition. This is unlike a traditional burial which is expensive and time-consuming. With the traditional burial, everything seems to be done in a rush.

Environmental concerns

The traditional burial will take up space in the earth. It also involves the use of toxic chemicals when embalming the body. Cremation, on the other hand, doesn’t have any carbon emissions. This new method of disposition helps to conserve the environment. Cremation is more green and eco-friendly than traditional burial.

More personal

The problem with traditional burials is that you have to adhere to religious and family traditions. This can keep you from celebrating your loved one the way you want. Cremation gives you the flexibility to design a unique and personal way of celebrating the life of your loved one. You can choose to keep the ashes forever, or scatter them in several ways.

There are so many more reasons why more people are choosing cremation over traditional burials. The aforementioned reasons are just the main ones. All in all, for things to go smoothly, you need first to check with your family and make sure they are onboard with cremation. You also need to find the best service provider. There are so many service providers out there. However, not all of them will offer the personalized service that you need. Take time to understand the services of different service providers before making a choice.This post takes a look at the key reasons why many people are opting for cremation.