Platinum – A Modern Choice For a Wedding Band

As a precious metal from which jewellers can fashion wedding rings, platinum is a comparatively modern metal. True, it has been around some two hundred and fifty, but it really only became widely appreciated for its jewellery grade qualities in the twentieth century. As a choice for a man’s wedding band, it has a number of key factors in its favour:  it can be worked into a range of attractive styles; it has a lustre that doesn’t diminish; it is highly durable; it has a substantial weight; and it grows more distinguished with age. In addition to this, Platinum is hypoallergenic, no one is allergic to it.

An Array of Designs And Finishes To Suit Any Man’s Style

You will be looking for a wedding ring which will complement and reflect your character. Beautiful men’s platinum wedding rings can be wrought into many styles and given a number of different finishes. Whether you are looking for something simple and rugged, or sophisticated and elaborate; platinum can be fashioned into your ideal wedding band.

Why Men Appreciate the Durability of Platinum

Of precious jewellery grade metals, platinum is the most durable. This makes it the ideal metal for busy people who work and play with their hands. Its durability means it will last longer than other rings. Mechanisation means fewer of us engage in manual labour, but even if your working days are mostly spent at a keyboard, you may well work out, fish, make home improvements, and, on occasion, change a tyre; in all these cases and more of the like, a platinum wedding ring will stand up to the task better than one made of any other precious metal.

The White Lustre Of Platinum Lasts Forever

Platinum is naturally white and lustrous.  When new, white gold is indistinguishable from platinum. However, over time, white gold will develop a yellowish tinge and require periodic re-plating.  Platinum’s surface does not tarnish, and its sophisticated lustre will remain white, it will not fade or changer colour. If you are considering having your wedding ring set with a gemstone, the whiteness of platinum perfectly complements a diamond. 

Platinum’s Reassuringly Manly Heft

As a dense metal, platinum jewellery is heavy. Most see this as a desirable quality because you really know when you are wearing it and miss it when you aren’t. As a wedding band, platinum makes for a ring of considerable substance and other jewellery seems light and flimsy in comparison. This density also makes it a very secure mount for precious stones.

Patina – How Platinum Becomes More Distinguished With Age

Despite its durability, platinum’s surface will take on tiny scratches over time.  This is known as its patina. The patina does not dim the ring’s lustre, but rather deepens it. It is similar to the way well cared for vintage oak furniture’s finish is mellower than that of fresh deal, or how burnished leather’s colour grows richer over time. The patina of a man’s platinum wedding ring becomes precious to its owner and adds to its sentimental value. The patina does not mean the ring will lose any of its volume; the metal is merely slightly displaced on the surface.  Patina can be removed and the ring resurfaced by an expert, but few owners of platinum rings opt for this as they see it as diminishing their ring’s uniqueness.

Those are some of the reasons why most men prefer platinum wedding rings. We hope that the points we’ve discussed will help you make a wise decision.