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Why is uploading speed as essential factor as other aspects of a broadband plan?

We live in a country that stands 74th globally when the world average of internet speed is to be considered. Despite this fact, the entire nation is crazed about the concept of astonishing download speeds. A fair idea of current state of the internet speeds in our country can simply be derived from the fact that the average downloading speed is around 12.37 Mbps and the uploading speed is 2.9 Mbps.

Today, connect broadband connection ponders upon the question that why do we not consider the upload speed as crucially as the download speed, despite both of them having equal importance and influence on our internet usages.

Connect Broadband Panchkula explains that the concept of bandwidth has been important since the advent of broadband plans. Every internet user requires that tasks like downloading of files, web browsing, accessing various audio, video and image files takes place smoothly. In contrast, higher uploading speeds are reserved for businesses that require file transfers extensively.

At the present times, as the file sizes continue to grow, our patience in regards to uploading or downloading a file is depleting continuously. Connect broadband connection explains that this is owing to the simple but massive differences that lie between the downloading and uploading speeds. Where a 700 megabytes worth of files can be downloaded by a user in a matter of 10 minutes, uploading a file of same occupancy might take well above an hour. Our increased dependency on cloud based services that require extensive file upload speeds, makes the need for symmetrical speeds highly crucial.

From the past couple years, our patterns of our internet consumptions have changed exponentially. From being a means which was available to only the elites, it has become the thing of masses. With the advent of IoT (Internet of Things), the dependency on technology and internet has grown manifolds.

So why is there actually a need for symmetrical internet speed limits?

All of us clearly know that the need of the hour is symmetrical internet speed limit. What needs to be explained to the masses is why it is important? Whether in our offices, schools, colleges, homes, we are in some or the other way hooked on to internet. Symmetrical Internet Speed limit means where the downloading and uploading speed both are the same.

Connect Broadband Panchkula explains that India is growing with fair share its fair and young share of short feature film makers, Youtubers, Instagrammers, Bloggers, and Photographers. They are indeed talented and are doing a great job. However, one important fact that binds all these occupations together is high-speed internet connection. No one better understands the need for symmetrical internet speeds as well as these people do. A high – resolution picture today can be as heavy as 30 MB. A high speed broadband with equal uploading speed limits can prove to be a boon for these You Tubers, Instagrammers, etc. This being the high-resolution videos of the content they need to upload extensively for their subscribers every now and then.

A symmetrical internet speed will not only benefit people of such occupational backgrounds. Given our internet usage, the day is not for that every commoner would require high upload speeds as much as high downloading speeds.

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