Search engine optimisation or SEO has been around for a number of years now, and you may be wondering whether or not it is something that it still relevant in today’s online world. But with more and more people getting online and using search engines exclusively to find the businesses that they are looking for, the answer is that it is something that still matters a lot. Of course, search engines are becoming steadily more advanced so that they are able to recognise when they are being manipulated by people who are simply trying to stuff their sites with keywords or post blog updates which don’t contain good and original content. But here are just a few of the reasons why SEO continues to matter.

Increasing Your Website Traffic

The most obvious reason why SEO still matters is that it makes a lasting impact on your website traffic. Unlike temporary solutions such as PPC advertising which will only make you visible for a short period of time, the right SEO strategy will get you up the rankings and keep you there. If you find that you are struggling, you could always look to enlist the support of a professional agency such as The more visitors that you draw to your website, the more likely it is that you will be able to convert them into paying customers.

To Build Brand Trust and Authority

It is the businesses which rank highly on search engines that automatically generate extra kudos and a higher level of trust. Since people trust their search engines, they are therefore more likely to trust your business for being at the top. And since your company is ranking there organically rather than being a paid advert, your business is likely to generate a level of trust which cannot be attained by your PPC competitors.

To Generate Customer Insight

The more customers you attract to your website, the more that you will be able to find out about their online behaviour. You can see how long they are spending on your website, on which pages they are staying for the longest, as well as your conversion rates. The more that you understand about your customers, the better placed you are to target them directly and inspire more loyalty in them.

To Get a Good Return on Investment

Traditional marketing activities can get very expensive very quickly. However, SEO is an affordable avenue of marketing to invest your money which also attracts a good return on your investment if you get it right. Of course, you need to dedicate a lot of time towards making a success of SEO, but if you get to your desired position on search engines, this is certainly something which is going to be worthwhile.

As you can see from these four reasons alone, SEO is still a highly relevant and important area of marketing which is worth looking at in more detail.