Protein and Muscle Building Power

Protein is composed of amino acids and is considered a macronutrient, which means the body requires quite a bit of it to function properly, as it contributes to all cellular activity in the body and is the component of muscle tissue. Carbohydrates and fat are stored in the body, while protein is not. Reserves must be made available to draw from when additional protein is required.


Protein Function and Sources

Protein is not only used to repair and rebuild tissue, but it is also a prime element of a host of other bodily functions. Muscle, bone, skin, and blood activity depend on protein, and hormones, enzymes, antibodies and other related chemicals in the body rely on it as well. So, protein is important because the body is dependent on it to function normally.


Since protein is vital to the functioning of the entire body, and is a daily requirement for adults and children, it is evident that it is also critically important in the aspect of building and maintaining muscle. Natural sources of protein can be found in everyday animal and plant based foods like eggs, chicken, turkey, lean beef, pork, fish, soy, nuts, seeds, beans, whole grains and dairy foods, such as milk and yogurt.


As with any other food, protein can be consumed in excess and in the wrong forms, but there are protein foods that are lower in fat and healthier than others. Fish, poultry, beans, nuts and whole grains are examples of protein sources of the most value. In the right amounts, these helpful sources are beneficial to those who want to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Supplemental Protein

With protein being a daily food requirement, there are people that may have need of additional amounts of protein to boost endurance and repair muscles because of their involvement in extreme sports, exercise, weight training or other related activities that require protein supplementation.


There are any number of protein supplements available in the market today that are beneficial to both endurance and muscle building. They provide benefits because of their amino acid components that get into the bloodstream quickly and reach muscle groups for both repair and recovery. Whey protein has been part of that class of supplements that act quickly to spark muscle renewal. Whey is a complete milk protein that is separated from the other protein in milk, casein. It contains nine of the primary amino acids that work in a rapid manner to help in muscle regeneration.


There are other protein supplements, like micellar casein, which can be used in addition to whey protein. Casein is the second protein that exists in the curds of milk. In contrast to whey protein, it provides a slower release rate and is designed the bedtime protein as it promotes sleep, reduces sleep disruptions and removes any after effects with drowsiness or grogginess. It has also been associated with improved stamina and strength, higher metabolism and muscle build up and is advantageous to to work when the body is at rest during the overnight hours. Casein has been called those who require additional calories or a major boost with longer workouts.


Protein Supplement Use

Most protein supplements, whether it be milk proteins like whey, casein or something else are advantageous to use as they are generally low in calories and are readily available. A supplement regimen with a whey-protein product usually consists of taking the product as an after workout snack, either in a bar or 1-2 scoop powder form mixed with water in a shaker bottle. The protein will immediately provide for integration in the body that will help with workout recovery while it triggers muscle growth.


For casein protein supplementation, dosage should consist of mixing two scoops with hot or cold water and consuming it before going to bed. It is usually absorbed in a six to eight hour period, which will provide sufficient time to distribute protein throughout the body and augment muscle growth, which is good for individuals that train or workout on a regular basis.


Protein is important for not only improved health, but in supplement form it is an expedient means to increasing muscle mass and maximizing stamina. Like any other product, protein supplements should be carefully evaluated before consumption to avoid allergic or discomforting reactions. Most are safe, helpful and contribute to a healthy and toned body, but before taking the protein plunge, check out what’s available.