Myosotis, or popularly known as forget-me-nots, are the flowers of spring. Forget me not flowers bear heavier significance than its dainty presence. Just like other flowers in general, myosotis also carries its second-to-none symbolism. Due to its symbolic meanings, this lovely flower is mentioned in numerous pieces of literature. Loved by many, myosotis flowers are often chosen as a representative device for unspoken words, wishes, and feelings. So, what kind of symbolic meanings do forget-me-not flowers have?

Symbolism and Meanings of Forget-Me-Not Flowers

·    True Love

When thinking about flowers with romantic meanings, myosotis flowers might not be the first flower to cross your mind. However, this petite bloom does carry romantic symbolization. By giving this flower to your loved ones means that you truly respect and cherish them greatly, so much that it would be impossible for you to forget their presence in your life. You might want to add this flower to your list for romantic gifts.

·    Everlasting Bond

This flower also carries another message besides its romantic symbolic meanings. You can give forget-me-nots to your friend as a sign of mutual trust, appreciation, and loyalty. That makes this flower a suitable gift for National Friendship Day. You could also present this flower to your family members. Having an everlasting bond means that the connection between you and your close ones is irreplaceable and solid.

·    Sincerity

This flower also represents the most valuable thing in relationships, which is sincerity. It takes sincerity and devotion to stand beside someone. Whether through happiness or hardships. You can give this flower to someone as a symbol of your sincere support and care for them. It is also an appropriate way to say that you got their back no matter what might occur in the future.

·    Promise

Connected to its historical origin from Germany, this flower also symbolizes promise. It’s about a fable where two lovers were taking a walk together by the side of the Danube River. The two caught a glance at the beautiful blue blooms and were amazed by their beauty. The man tried to reach it but unfortunately, fall in. The man told the lady to never forget him. Throughout her life, the lady kept her promise as she wore the flowers in her hair until her last breath.

With flowers like roses and tulips, different colors might represent different meanings. However, that’s not the case with this flower. Forget-me-not flowers indeed have several meanings. The reason behind it was because of different interpretations for each country or culture.

Popular Varieties of Myosotis Flowers

Myosotis belongs to the Boraginaceae family. It has approximately 200 varieties and can be found in various colors in nature. Here are some popular variants of forget-me-not flowers!

·    Water Forget-Me-Nots

This variety is the true forget-me-not flower. With blue petals and tall hairy stems, it’s easy to identify this flower. Usually, it blooms in spring. It has another name, which is the Scorpion-grass. The plant got its nickname due to the shape of its leaves, curled up like a scorpion’s tail.

·    Alpine Forget-Me-Nots

The petals of this variety are not as true blue as the true forget-me-not flowers. Also, instead of blooming in spring, this variety blooms in early summer. They grow wild in highland areas like the Colorado Mountains. This variety is also known for being adaptable to their environment. They can grow even on rocky surfaces. That’s why people would choose this plant to beautify their rock garden.

·    Wood Forget-Me-Nots

This variety has one specialty compared to the previously mentioned ones. Wood forget-me-nots are edible flowers. You can add this flower as a cake decoration or even make a flower tea. It is also safe to be consumed by children and pets. Remember, there are other varieties of myosotis that are toxic to the human, such as the Chinese forget-me-nots.

Speak Your Feelings With Forget-Me-Not Flowers

You might already have seen this delicate flower. It is common to add forget-me-nots into a bouquet. One of its well-known characteristics is its asymmetrical petals. Myosotis flowers have five thin and soft-textured petals. The name “Myosotis” is taken from a Greek word that means “mouse’s ear.”

Myosotis makes lovely cut flowers and perfect as gifts or decorations. Especially after learning about its symbolic meanings, there is no doubt that forget-me-nots flowers are worth considering as gifts. If you want fresh cut flowers of myosotis flowers, you can easily get them through same day flower delivery Singapore services. The presence of this flower is delicate and feminine. Therefore, pairing it with other gifts like pieces of jewelry and accessories would be suitable.

If you want something out of the ordinary yet trendy, you might be interested in dried forget-me-nots. You can turn dried or pressed myosotis into bookmarks, pendants, charms, and many more. You can add personalization touches to your gift to make it special.

Both as a gift and decoration, this flower is fitting for any occasion. Such as birthday parties, tea parties, or simply a small gathering. With its beautiful color and meaningful symbolism, it is hard to refrain yourself from falling for its charm.

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