kids-using-internetNowadays, social media has become an unavoidable genre which is growing day by day. The Internet has gifted us many wonderful blessings in our life. It has transformed our older perspective of life as everything counts on a simple click on the mouse. People can not only surf the internet just for seeking information and updates but are also able to order their necessary stuffs like clothes and accessories online without having the need to roam about from one shop to another. It has given us a marvelous platform to communicate with people from all over the world by creating social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter. But, like all other technical inventions, it has its ill-effects too especially on children and thus we discuss it here.

Leads to addiction

The foremost impact of virtual world would be the excessive curiosity of today’s generation towards the features of internet like gaming and sharing pictures online. Kids find these activities very exciting and so, they easily get hooked up which actually kills their valuable time. This affects the interest of enjoying their lives with their parents and relatives. Though they can share ideas with their peers about important assignments and exams, but few do think like this.

Affects relationships

More than kids, the adolescents are getting addicted to these sites. In the beginning, they get interested towards these sites. Several teens have developed the habit of logging to their popular website frequently. Besides diverting them from studies it affects their relationships with their friends as they avoid attending to them while they are together. Recently, it has been criticized even by the teenagers who find it extremely insulting when they feel unnoticed by their friends. So, answering to the mails and texts can turn relationships bitter sometimes.

Results in depression

We cannot deny the fact that more than a billion users enrich their lives by simply chatting, sharing ideas, videos and pictures over the internet. But the dark side is also there to destroy one’s life. Too much surfing is harmful for mental health as youngsters cannot do away from attending to the messages. They feel it as a part and parcel of their lives and when something goes wrong, it leads to depression and loneliness. It can change their daily routines like eating time and further leads to mood swings.

Brings risk to privacy

One more ugly side of this media is that it has possibilities of putting the privacy of preteens and teens at stake. Children belonging to this group share too much personal information on these networking websites like photos and other details which can be dangerous sometimes. This act is also called leaving digital footprints that stays as a proof and leads to various problems in future.

Leads to bullying

Young people easily get carried away by the glitz of cyber world but it brings another problem in their life that is, bullying .It is deliberately used to harass others who ignorantly share their personal details. Online harassment is quite common these days and can hamper normal life of teenagers.

So, we can see how internet can be helpful yet risky at times if not used in a proper way. It depends on us how to use this boon in our day to day life and enjoy its fruitful results.