Your modern eyes problems require only blue filter glasses. How many of you have started to feel irregular itching, redness, headaches or eye fatigue every now and then? Some might blame it on their age but science says something else. 

It’s the technology usage that is proving to be extremely detrimental to your eyes. This generation is obsessed with digital devices, smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers take much more space in our homes than the number of family members. We can’t deny the wholesome experience the internet, social media and gaming provides, a lightened environment from reality makes us feel happy but it comes with a price tag. Apart from making you inactive and lazy, digital screens are severely harming your vision by causing several visual discomforts.


What are Modern eye problems?


Earlier, eye problems were either caused due to ageing or congenital reason but this decade is experiencing majorly visual problems at a higher stake. The common vision problems are not a permanent loss but with time they turn progressively damaged. All these smaller level vision problems are called modern eye problems. Why are they modern? These visual conditions are modern because they are caused by extended hours of technology use. Screens of your smartphone, laptops, tablets or computer emit harmful blue light rays that cause eye condition like eye fatigue, red-eye, burning sensation, itchiness, headaches and many more. 


Modern eye problems, however, smaller they appear cause drastic changes in our lifestyle. The constant feeling of eye fatigue and headaches makes us feel tired, irritated and we often leave our work and try to close our eyes. For most people, their work demands the use of computers as our life is so much integrated and dependent on these devices but it creates an impact on their eyes. Daily hours of 8 to 9 hours of screen consumption create severe itching and redness in the eyes. You can now only wish from getting rid of these digital devices but we can’t, we utilise it for several tasks. The only solution is blue light canceling glasses that effectively adjust to your lifestyle without getting rid of digital screens.


What’s the real cause of all modern eye discomfort?


All the mentioned eye discomfort are caused by harmful blue light rays. Blue light rays are emitted from the sun, LED lights and all the digital screens on the planet. Blue light rays are high energy visible light that directly penetrates in the retina of the eyes and leads to several vision problems. The more hours of a smartphone or any other screen consumption, the more ray’s your eyes will absorb and you’ll start to feel these common modern eye problems. 


Apart from making your eyes dry, exhausted, red, itchy and leading to headaches, it also changes your sleeping pattern. Whenever you are sitting down with your screen to finish up your work or give a retouch on any project last minute at night, you’ll be bound to stay awake for longer hours than you should. Blue light rays disrupt the secretion of a sleep-inducing hormone called melatonin which further keeps you awake as the brain doesn’t receive the signal of night. As a result, you stay late awake a night and feel bitter in the morning. School or office turns out to be harder to attend because you look tired, sleepy and even feel the same thing. It’s very natural to feel it as you didn’t get to afford a good hour of sleep but it also impacts your work, you become unmotivated and unproductive. 


How does Blue filter Glasses benefit?


When problems seem to pile up, the only solution to defeating technology would be technology itself. Blue filter glasses are glasses with anti-reflective properties that block out or reflect blue light rays that are actively emitted while you stay safe and protected. Blue filters are available on both prescription and non-prescription glasses so that everyone who uses screens can utilise its benefit and save their eyes.


Blue filter glasses are highly impactful in diminishing all the modern eye problems that led to exhaustion, headaches, itchiness and others. These glasses reduce all modern and common eye discomfort that all age groups are facing to 99.9% and make you actively protected for more hours of computer use without any harm. It gives back your normal sleeping pattern, as you can do any late-night work with ease, and feel sleepy at late hours. Blue filter glasses make every work on digital devices safe for your eyes and keep you recharged and active.


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