When it comes to getting your daily dose of exercise in, there’s nothing quite like a good morning of cardio to kick-start your day. But if you’re looking into buying some new cardio machines, you might be wondering whether you should go with a Freestride trainer or an elliptical machine. It’s a good idea to draw a distinction between the two so that you understand the advantages and disadvantages of both.

However, we can tell you for sure that going with a Freestride trainer is going to be a much better investment than with an elliptical machine. The three main advantages of a Freestride trainer come into play when you talk about stride length, size, and comfort. In the following article, we’re going to go through all three of these and talk more about them so you can get a better idea of why you should choose a Freestride trainer.

  1. Stride Length

When it comes to stride length, you’re going to have a set stride length with an elliptical. This machine won’t go further than a set distance between the two pedals – that’s just how an elliptical is built. This stride will be about 18-20 inches because companies have found this is most comfortable for a majority of people. However, you can never really tell whether a stride length is going to work for everyone out there.

Plus, when you’re working with a set stride length during every workout, your body is going to quickly adapt to this motion, causing you to burn less calories than you would otherwise. That’s where a Freestride trainers comes into play. It gives you an adaptable stride that you can set based on your own body. You can choose a stride up to 38 inches, generally!

Whatever you choose, you can switch up the stride based on your workout. And every time you switch your stride, you are making your body work harder and harder to keep up, burning tons of calories in the process.

  1. Size

The standard elliptical is this huge and bulky piece of machinery that’s going to be tough to store in normal houses and transport when needed. The average Freestride trainer is a lot more compact and easy to transport than Indoor Ellipticals, which is a huge advantage for many families and individuals. This is especially true if you’re looking to fit a fitness machine into a home with smaller rooms or a in a room that has a lot of furniture. You just wouldn’t be able to do that as easily with an elliptical than with the more compact and easy-to-maneuver Freestride trainer.

  1. Comfort

The last advantage is speaking about is the comfort factor. When you do your cardio on a Freestride trainer, it’s going to be a lot lower impact than with an elliptical or other cardio machines. With most Freestride trainers, you’re going to feel as if you’re running on air in a sense. This is ideal for any of you out there who are currently struggling with joint, back, or leg issues. When you use a Freestride trainer, you’re going to be able to get that cardio in without further straining your pain areas. And this is crucial if you want to stay healthy and ensure you don’t sustain any further, more serious injuries.

So, those are the top advantages to using a Freestride trainer over an elliptical trainer. We hope that this has convinced you that a Freestride trainer is the best option for you! Have fun shopping around and hopefully you will meet those weight-loss or fitness goals.