Tv antenna sounds a bit old concept, but if you live in the countryside or a rural area, you need to consider the T.V. antenna. The Tv antennas can change your experience of watching T.V. This article deals with how the antenna can have some positive and negative impact on your lifetime. 

Before starting, let me set this for you if you live somewhere where there is a strong internet connection, you can never understand the importance of Tv Satellite. But if you believe that extra WIFI radiation can be damaging for you and your family, especially for your health, you must think of installing a  tv aerial installation to entertain yourself in a safe environment. 

With this being set, let us move to the main part of the article.

Pros of a Tv satellite

Here are a few pros and benefits of having a T.V. antenna instead of using a smart Tv at your home. The Tv antenna is often under-estimated, so keep on reading to change your mind.

Free local channel 

When you have an antenna at your place, you get to watch free channels, no need to subscribe to various cable operators and pay them monthly. News channels, cooking channels, entertainment channels, all are free. Still, a few will need you to pay some bucks, but it will not be as expensive as the Smart Tv. 

Better H.D. quality

The antenna and satellite can deliver better H.D. quality than the cable because when it is through the wire or cable connection, the videos are compressed, damaging the quality of the multimedia. If you are thinking of enjoying the best video quality, you must think about getting a tv aerial installation at your office or home.


The Tv antenna aerial satellite connections and antenna cost less than 100 dollars, most of them come in the range of 30$ to 50$, which is extremely affordable, even if you are just a student or a mediocre family, you can easily afford it.  

Cons of the Tv satellite 

There are a few bad sides with the amazing pros that may not attract you much, but if you are a wise customer, you will value the service after a complete situational analysis.

You may not get anything.

With the antenna and satellite connections, you may not get to watch all the new Tv channels. You will have to retrain yourself. The new sports channels like ESPN, Fox News, etc. They are not available through the satellite connection, but it is not a full stop. You can get a few channels, but you will need to pay for them. 

The satellites are location dependent.  

You cannot expect the antenna to work in every station and all around the globe. Depending upon your location, the antenna can only capture those available; for the rest, you may either need to buy a stronger connection source or shift.  

The Tv satellites is an old concept, but depending upon the location and the region you live in. Before you install a Tv aerial connection, make sure that the area is compatible, and the channels you are getting are your favorite and required ones.