Social media has inadvertently taken the world by storm, in the past decade or so. Its popularity can be attributed to the fact that it has brought people together; couples staying far away, family members in opposite corners of the world or your old, long-lost school and college friends with whom all connections were lost or deteriorating. It is a constant way of staying in touch either through pictures or comments or posts. One of the biggest platforms for social media is definitely Facebook created by Mark Zuckerberg but during the recent years, another platform has been following close to its heels, almost on the verge of overtaking it. The name of the social media application is called Instagram! Heard of it? Used it? I am sure you have. This platform debuted way back in 2010 and recently bought by Mark Zuckerberg himself. The popularity of Instagram is rising by the hour with over 800 million users leaving behind LinkedIn, Twitter etc. One major way of earning through these social media platforms is through advertisements that get displayed there. Companies pay the applications to get their products featured. The rising popularity of Instagram can be judged by the fact that more than a million advertisers have chosen it to be their major advertising platform over the past 6 months itself. People tend to spend so much time on Instagram per day that the valuation of the platform has skyrocketed. The main reason for Instagram being the top social platform nowadays is because of its ability to keep you engaged. The pictorial way of representing everyone is one of the major reasons for it. In this article, the reasons for the popularity of Instagram as a social media platform, the uses, and the drawbacks of it have been discussed.

What does the metric system say?

It is a known fact that it is difficult to keep a track of the “engagement” of a media platform but there are some attributes that can be kept in mind to measure it. The major aspects of it will be the number of people who tend to comment on other’s post, the number of shares, and how many people want to keep their posts visible to the maximum number of people. It is an approximate count of the number of followers of the accounts. Therefore, accounts of 2500 people were analyzed, people who were moderate to highly popular in Instagram and had a large number of followers and their vote was taken about the engagement ability of Instagram in comparison to other apps. Instagram did extremely well in the voting, getting almost 60 percent of the votes with Facebook coming a distant second at 18 percent. The Instagram automation tool has a big role to play in this increase in followers.

Reasons for the increasing popularity of Instagram

  • Mobile functionality– One very important thing that worked in Instagram’s favor is the easy usability on your mobile phone. In fact, it is more convenient on your mobile than anything else. Mobiles are very portable and are an essential part of everyone’s life. Therefore, people carry it everywhere. The accessibility of Instagram is also everywhere. Other phone applications make the mistake of making the interface too complex to navigate. Instagram, on the other hand, is as easy to use as it can be. The instant uploading of the pictures and the built-in editing system makes it a very in the moment kind of thing. You can scroll infinitely as well.
  • Visual representation- A person tends to identify, like and remember the visual representations more than any other forms like texts. Humans interpret and process information better through the use of sight and Instagram allows just that. The horizontal format of representation of the pictures gives it a certain amount of continuity to the application as well.
  • Novelty– Though there are a number of social media platforms available in the play store and apple store right now, Instagram has been able to effectively hold its fort because of its capacity to retain the attention of the younger generation.
  • Ease of functioning- It is not easy to spam in Instagram because of the facility of closed networking. Thus, your profile remains relatively safe and is easy to operate.

 Drawbacks of Instagram

  • Link only in bio- You can’t post any link on your Instagram page like most other media platforms. Only one link can be used in the profile bio section. This rule is followed in order to not allow any kind of spam but it has its own disadvantage.
  • Texting on Instagram not that popular- It is not a generally preferred application for texting someone as well. You may text someone on Instagram and not get a reply for a really long time as people don’t tend to check it. The interface is also not very welcoming for text conversations.
  • Limit to the amount of conversation- if you plan to have any kind of important or heavy conversation regarding sensitive issues, which requires messaging back and forth, Instagram is a tad inconvenient.

 How to increase the engagement on Instagram

  • Give priority to the image- The kind of image you use in your Instagram profile is important for garnering more views and subsequently, followers. Therefore, hone your photography skills a little in order to increase the traffic to your profile.
  • Keep it as light as possible- Using light and simple tones works better for Instagram as it has a very soothing effect and makes your profile more engaging and alluring.
  • Call for replies and action- Make stories or upload images, which ask for opinions and reviews from your followers, so that their interest never fades and they keep coming back to your profile.
  • Reward the followers- If you have a lot of followers and you want to keep them engaged, reward them with offers or free coupons. Even a simple thank you will suffice.


The ever-increasing followers of Instagram are supposed to increase the maintenance workload of the platform but it suffers from no major hiccup, which shows how well maintained the servers are. If you don’t have an Instagram account, it’s definitely time that you get one.