If you are running a roofing business, and are dealing with lots of roofers as workers, and then you are not serious about the safety of the roofers at height, then you are inviting great trouble for all and the business Adequate height safety measures are a must in roofing. If you are new in the business, or never bothered about this due to the use of old traditional roofing techniques, then now is the time you gather the right knowledge on the importance and uses of safety gears to work at heights.

What is the height safety?

To stay safe while working at heights is the maintenance of height safety. Any person or professional climbing at heights, or staying suspended from a height for work, sports, recreation or anything must be made to stay safe. And this is the concept of height safety which ensures safety from life risks, and safety from injuries, slips, and falls, and also impacts while being at a height. You may be in motion or suspended from a height, or climbing the height, etc.; but the safety measures must be taken.

What are the height safety gears?

Height safety is maintained by the use of tools and equipment which are made and designed to make one safe at height while staying in a suspended, hanging, standing, or semi-sitting position, and also while in a movement like climbing a wall at a height.

These tools or gears which are used in this condition with enough structural strength to support one’s weight and impacts, swinging motions and sudden jolts, etc., are called the height safety gears.

Height safety gears are needed in many domains of work by many kinds of workers. They are used in industries and plants and factories. They are also used in cleaning and maintenance of buildings’ external bodies. They are also used for fire rescue and other rescue operations and work. Also, they are needed in making and fixing of things at a height like windows, sliders, etc., and obviously they are used while making or repairing of roofs.

Why are height safety tools required in roofing?

Roofing has a deep and direct connection with height. Where there is a roof, it will be at a height, the minimum height being the first floor, and the maximum height can go up to tenth, twentieth, or thirtieth floor or more.

Since roofing jobs require workers to work at heights, thus height safety equipment is a mandate in roofing. Without equipment, a worker may slip and fall or may get impacted so badly that serious injuries or life’s risk would be there surely. Height safety tools are thus needed to minimize life risks.

How height safety tools help roofers stay secured?

In roofing height safety tools and equipment is a mandate. They must be used for the roofing services to pass safety audit, get insured and stay insured. In the event of an unfortunate accident or death of any worker, if the insurance company by chance discovers that the height safety tools and equipment used by the roofer was old and outdated, or malfunctioned due to poor quality, then the insurance claim may not get processed. That’s simply because as per rules, the employer must be giving the best quality protection to the workers to prevent all such accidents. No employer can leave their worker with old and deteriorated safety tools at the mercy of the insurance provider settling claims in events of any accident or damage.

What to buy for height safety during roofing?

Get your roofing products and items checked for validity, status, quality, and find out if you need more height safety items. Find out whatever you have in tools; are they enough to cover all workers. These checking can be done by hiring a height safety auditor. They can tell you the best on inspection of your current equipment, their status, and quality, wear and tear, expected life in them, your workforce, and requirements and all. Based on that they would give you a complete report stating what you need in how much quantity and quality, things to check for while buying tools, and more.

What are the height safety equipment products generally used in roofing?

The generally used height safety equipment items are:

Brackets: Brackets also called ladder support brackets, prevent slides and slips and falls due to losing the ground under your foot. When roofers work at the edge, and they have a little place to move, then the use of brackets is a must. They are a guard to prevent falls from the edge. They won’t let one slip and slide. Hence, they are great to protect at any height. They are recommended for use by a single person.

They are important parts of any roof access system and are one of the main components of security. They are designed to fit into all types of roofs. They can be easily installed, and the height of the bracket is generally adjustable along with the roof pitch. Hence using this tool when bought from the best shop and of the best quality can make one feel really safe from inside.

Hard hats: a hat is to protect the head. And these hats are especially hard to prevent impacts on serious falls etc. They offer two-way protections. First, they are to protect the head from the impact of any heavy or sharp object falling from above on the head. Second, they are to protect the head when the worker falls from his position.

Gloves: Gloves are a must in roofing jobs. They help when included with fall protection kit, and also helps when the worker is working on a flat roof or safe zone. If the worker is working at a height, in a suspended or such odd position, and is protected by an all-around height safety kit, then adding a pair of gloves to it helps then when the worker might slip and lose balance and try grabbing any support instantly in a fury. Normally in such a situation, the mind works later on what to touch or where to hold for support, and the body reacts faster than the mind in an instinct. Hence hands may get cut, bruised, hit, etc., and that too with a harsh or deep impact. Gloves offer protection here.

Again, while working with the debris and construction materials during the job, sharp and rough objects might wear and tear the hand skin, or pierce the skin and tissues badly. Gloves protect there too.

Fall protection kit: this is the most important part of height safety toolkit. Height safety tools are of various types and gradation. Various kits are to offer protection for various heights and job types. Generally, fall arrest kits for roofing contain a vertical lifeline assembly, an anchor point, a safety harness, and a safety lanyard. The best way to shop for this is to contact a reliable supplier like Precision Roofing Supplies, who would not just sell, but guide on the right kit type for you.

Buy the best

If you have intentions of saving money and neglect quality on the purchase of the height safety roofing kits and tools, then you may be planning a big mistake which may make you pay double or more layer. Height safety tools and equipment are best bought while focusing only and only on quality, and nothing else at first place. Nothing is more important than the cost of life. And that’s why whatever your roofing firm budget is, you better wait or take a loan, and invest only in the right stuff that will ensure total safety for the workers.

Any negligence and compromise with substandard, poor quality tools and kits can create havoc later. Chances would be high that you don’t pass an audit. Also, you may be denied insurance by the insurer if your kit and tools are examined and declared to be inadequate in protecting.

Where to buy your roofing kits from?

Durable material roofing tools and supplies meant for best quality work, highest impression on customers and workers, and giving best mental satisfaction to you as the decision maker and business admin can be purchased from reliable sources who sell their roofing products worldwide.

The advantage of buying high-quality height safety products is also in this that, they will be your one-time investment for a span of several years, and you won’t have to think of repairs and replacements again. A little more money, invested for quality and durability can help you grow a height in reputation and reliability in the business. The only concern you should have is to get the products inspected by roofing height safety auditors from time to time, the interval being once or twice yearly.


Besides height safety equipment, all other supplies and materials, tool, etc., used in roofing must be the best quality too, so that you earn a good reputation for using the best and delivering the best job and finishing in roofing too.