When it comes to watering your garden, a hose will always prove to be a massive help. After all, it sure beats having to use a pail and a bucket to ensure that your flowers and vegetables are getting enough water. In particular, the expandable hose is something that any gardener should have at home. But why exactly should you get this kind of garden hose?


Advantages of an Expandable Hose

An expandable hose basically has the capability of going beyond its usual length. Once you apply enough water pressure, it can become three times longer than when it is simply turned off. Thus, an expandable garden hose removes the things people dislike about hoses in general: tangling and leftover water. Many people regularly feel irritated whenever they use a non-expandable hose that makes twists and turns as you move it around.

Fixing this issue alone can take several minutes every single day. In contrast, an expandable hose will coil around itself accordingly once the watering procedure is over. Furthermore, no one wants to have any water going to waste just because a hose cannot deplete itself properly.

Likewise, this type of garden hose is relatively lightweight. Usually, a non-expandable hose will be five times heavier than this one. This means that old people and children can also help you water the garden with such a light hose. Not only will an expandable hose be easier to carry but it will also require less storage. A traditional garden hose will need to be stored with a hose reel to look decent and untangled while this one only needs an amazingly small hose holder.

Getting the Best Expandable Hose

How can you know if you’ve made the right choice in buying a expandable hose? The first thing you need to identify is the quality of the inner tube used by the manufacturer. An expanding hose has two layers, and the inner layer is usually made of latex while the outer one is composed of nylon.

If the quality of the inner tube is great, it should be able to expand in length within seconds once water builds up inside. Some expandable hoses have an inner layer made of thermoplastic polyurethane or TPU, which is usually less reliable than a latex layer.

Another thing you have to check is the type of connectors utilized for the garden hose. If the connector is made of plastic, you have to ensure that it’s a tough kind of plastic and not the type that easily gets ruined. If it’s a brass connector, be sure that the inner layer is not made of latex since this can lead to chemical reactions that will ruin your hose quickly. A brass connector will generally be more durable than a plastic variant.

Proper Maintenance

While an expandable hose is terrific, do take note that it will not always properly work if you do not read the instructions correctly. Also, buying from an unreliable manufacturer is simply not something you should do. A low price might sound appealing, but this can be costly in the long run if you spend a lot on constant repairs due to the poor construction of an expandable hose. Thus, it is essential for you to approach other gardeners and conduct your research regarding the right expandable hose for your garden.

You should also know how to properly maintain an expandable hose. For one, you have to store in a dry and cool location since constant exposure to the sun will reduce its lifespan. Second, you must be careful when you are watering sections having thorns or gravel since they can easily damage the hose. While brass is quite durable, an expandable hose is usually less durable than a conventional garden hose.

Furthermore, you need to watch over the water pressure to avoid damage. Applying a high pressure is alright if it’s only for a short period of time – any longer will be disastrous for your hose.

In conclusion, an expandable garden hose is certainly the better choice compared to a traditional hose. Not only is it lighter and easier to store but it saves you the effort of untangling the hose and draining the water.