Dancing is a fantastic physical activity for all ages – but it’s especially beneficial for the elderly. That’s because it does two positive things at once; it gives seniors gentle exercise to stay active, and also it’s a fun and social activity which can improve their well-being.


Joining a dance school or attending a weekly dance class can also open doors to more opportunities, such as taking part in dinner dances or showcases. Dancing is definitely not just for the younger generation – read on for the top reasons why pensioners should get toe tapping.

Low Impact Exercise

As we get older and our joints become stiffer, it becomes harder to take part in regular physical activity, even if we’ve been fit all of our lives. Exercises we found easy are no longer an option, neither is going to the gym. Ballroom dancing is a great low impact workout, which allows pensioners to keep supple and keep their heart healthy without much risk of injury. It will also release endorphins and a feeling of happiness.

Good for the Mind

Various studies have shown that elderly people who take part in regular dance classes have a decreased risk of dementia – sometimes by up to 76%. Even aside from this research, learning ballroom steps and sequences one or twice a week and retaining the movement is a great workout for the mind, as well as the body.

Social Inclusion

While ballroom dancing is a great way for couples to spend quality time together, it’s also a great way for widows or single seniors to meet new people. Dance classes offer great interaction with other dancers, and also allows seniors to feel part of a team or club. This is especially helpful in the older generation, who can often feel lonely, isolated and depressed. Music and dance bring people together and create a feeling of acceptance which can’t be achieved by other activities. Move classes offer incredible connection with different artists, furthermore permits seniors to feel some piece of a group or club. This is particularly useful in the more established era, who can regularly feel desolate, secluded and discouraged. Music and move unite individuals and make a sentiment acknowledgment which can’t be accomplished by different exercises.

Improves Balance

Learning ballroom and Latin partner dances, or any style of dance, will improve balance and coordination. This is particularly essential in retired people as they age, as it could forestall falls and genuine wounds.This is especially important in pensioners as they age, as it could prevent falls and serious injuries.

Brings Back the Glamour

Ballroom dancing especially brings back the glamour of a bygone era. The older generation will remember a time when you had to dress up and attend dinner dances, and many ballroom dance associations will organise socials which they can take part in. Getting glammed up in a professional dance costume and the excitement of going out for the evening is all part of the fun of learning to dance.

Ballroom dancing is good for the mind, body and soul…it’s perfect for the older generation.