As a matter of fact, in the Lutheran church, youngsters have their first confirmation and communion at the age of 15 and a traditional gift is offered at the celebration of this ritual. The cross necklace is gifted to the child because it symbolizes the important moments of life and provides courage to face all the challenges of adulthood bravely. The cross necklace is given by the godparent of the child. From the ancient era, the cross shape has been appearing in the jewelry and necklaces for hundreds of years. It has an important symbol of Christian faith and shape is bold in the form of a cross. Due to this, it has become a popular choice for many designers. The cross necklaces are not only a symbol of Christian faith but have also treasured and cherished many Christians who hold no or other beliefs. It has different meanings, purposes, and objectives.

Types of Cross Necklace

  • One’s a baptismal cross necklace is worn by the Christians during the baptism of the child into Christianity. These cross necklaces are usually gold or silver in color with the child’s name engraved on the back of the cross. It is said that these pendants are blessed by the reverend of the priest and are a symbol of heavenly protection over the families and children.
  • Another one is the Celtic cross pendant which is worn by the Celt converted to Christians. It is worn as a medium of pride and identity of the Christian traditions and heritage.
  • Genuine – There’s no better thing than the genuineness of the quality of the cross necklaces. Whether it’s a wolf pendant or a cross necklace, you’d be delighted to know that these are genuine in quality. There are various symbols in it that are engraved to show its originality.
  • Longevity – Silver is quite prone to dulling and in order to beautify your look with a silver cross pendant, you need to have it coated in rhodium to save it and make it long-lasting. To be precise, rhodium is a metal coat resistant to rusting and tarnishing. It’s sturdy and lasts for a long duration.
  • Style – Silver is a soft metal that can be designed using any shape. The addition of copper to it boosts the durability and strength of the metal. This is why silver cross pendants are shaped in a variety of shapes and you can choose the one depending on your style and personality.
  • Easy to Maintain – Silver is no exception when it comes to the expiration dates. If you really want to enjoy the durability of silver cross pendants, then you must know every unique detail about it. Silver is like any other metal which is prone to rust. Avoid wearing the silver cross necklaces during bathing or near water. It might tarnish the look of the pendants.
  • Easy to Engrave – Most of the cross pendants are sentimental pieces that reflect a reason along with a season. Engraving personalizes the pendant and it’s quite easy to engrave silver. A cross necklace will guarantee you beautiful engravings without any damage.

Significance of Cross Necklaces

Cross Necklaces

You can buy the silver necklaces for the christening presents. There are a few tips that you can keep in mind while buying the cross necklaces as a present for the children –

  • Will the style of the cross necklace remain trending? A highly trending cross necklace will definitely look great.
  • Is it going to be worn by the child? Or is it going to be kept safely until the children are older? Whenever the silver jewelry is stored, it must be wrapped carefully in the acid-free tissue paper. This will eliminate tarnishing.

Perfect shine and blemish-free! What else do you want?

A beautiful cross necklace awaits you!