Although screen printing techniques are available in the market to get your business t-shirts done, embroidery method always gives a unique look to the business t-shirts. When you compare the screen-printing t-shirts and embroidery t-shirts, you will always prefer to choose the embroidery method because of the difference in appeal and quality.  The best thing about the embroidery designs are that they give the rich look to your promotional t-shirt logo, so automatically your company’s reach will increase. Therefore, the value which you will get after receiving the ordered t-shirts from the service providers is very high, and that is one the reasons why this T-shirts with the embroidery designs are having a huge demand in the online as well as the offline market.

Screen Printing And Embroidery – Differences



Screen printing technique is a stencil-based method in which photosensitive liquid called emulsion is used. The screen will be made for each color, and the printing works will be done in a separate layer onto the t-shirt. Screen printing is the cheapest and quickest method to get your t-shirts printing design works done.

By looping the thread towards the fabric, blocks with the textured colors will get created in the Embroidery method. The embroidery machine looks different from other sewing machines, and these machines will be controlled using embroidery software programs. This software program allows the designer to control every aspect of the sewing, and in turn, once can create numerous thread textures on the go.

Reason to choose the Embroidery

If you ask the reasons to choose the embroidery designs in the promotional T-shirts, there are many reasons to share. But here we bring some of the important reasons for your notice.

Best results on dense fabrics

When you choose the dense fabrics, embroidery designs will give the best results because the shirt material will be very dense in nature, and hence service provider can apply the design quite easily. Not only T-shirts but also you can apply the company logo in the embroidery model in the products like the hat, bag and much more.

Rich look guarantee



You will always get the rich look of your company logo in the Embroidery designed t-shirts. If you have doubts, kindly pick the screen-printed t-shirt and embroidery designed t-shirt in your hand, you will come to know which one gives the same rich look after wearing the t-shirt for months.

Withdraw the attention

If you are going to the business trip with your teammates in a place where many companies and clients will gather, these embroidery t-shirts ordered from the best service providers will draw the attention of the visitors towards you.

Increase the value in public

If you offer free t-shirts with the embroidery works for the business promotional needs, the public will believe in your business products and services because everyone knows the t-shirts made with the embroidery works are costly in nature, so if you offer the free t-shirts, they will understand your business motive better.

Many small business owners do not prefer to go for the embroideries because they feel it is costly. If you are also having such thoughts, then it’s time to change them because many best service providers are offering the best packages for the business people to get the bulk t-shirts with embroideries at the affordable cost.

Your company name and its logo need to be noticed by the others so that you will get the better business reach ahead of your competitors. Hiring the best embroidery designed product manufacturers will help you to achieve your dream. All the best!

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