When the time comes for a different automobile, you have a few options available you. The main options are buying brand new, buying used or leasing – these each have their own advantages and drawbacks, but, more often than not, it is buying used that is the best option.

Buying New

It is understandable that a motorist would prefer to drive a brand new car as they are the first owner and you will benefit from driving the latest and best vehicles. Additionally, you will benefit from the manufacturer’s warranty. However, the price tag for a new car is high and this can make it difficult or impossible to afford for many motorists (particularly young drivers). As a result, the majority are better off shopping in the used car market. This actually has a host of benefits and is well suited to a wide range of motorists for the following reasons.

Financial Advantages of Buying Used

Many people like the idea of driving a brand new car, but the fact is that this can be extremely expensive which means (often) people cannot afford to buy the car that they wish. Buying used is much more affordable and this means that you can get more for your money – instead of buying the cheapest possible new car, a motorist may be able to afford a better model in the second-hand market. Not only this, but you can sidestep depreciation by buying a used car which means that you avoid taking a huge financial hit. Depreciation can be as much as 40% after just one year and 60% after three, so buying a used car that is a few years old is a smart financial move to make if you plan to sell the car down the line.

Huge Market

Another reason why opting to buy used is a good move is that you have enormous variety. The used car market is gigantic and the internet has made it easier than ever to find vehicles for sale up and down the country and even abroad. It is important to note that although much cheaper to buy privately, it is wiser to choose a reputable dealership like AA Cars as this allows you to sidestep used car scams and you may even be able to save money and get rid of your existing car with a trade-in. You also get consumer protection down this avenue. It is incredibly quick and easy to find vehicles for sale from the comfort of your own home and you can often arrange viewings and test drives online too.

Finding a Reliable Car

Some motorists are sceptical about buying used as they fear that they are buying a vehicle with a hidden history or underlying faults, but vehicle history checks are a powerful tool that can be used to get a deep insight into the car’s past and provide peace of mind. Additionally, many manufacturer’s warranties are now longer than they were before, so you may also get a few years worth of coverage too. Once the warranty has expired, an optional extended warranty is an easy and affordable way to cover a second-hand vehicle.


One of the major advantages of buying from a used car dealership is that many offer attractive finance deals. Even the cost of a used car can be a huge amount to pay upfront, but a finance deal allows you to spread the cost over a fixed term. This can make managing your finances easier each month and allow you to afford a decent second-hand vehicle. There are a few different types of deal to consider, so you should easily be able to find the right one for you.

Cheaper to Insure

Insurance is a major cost involved with keeping a vehicle on the road (especially for inexperienced/young drivers). One of the (many) factors that goes into determining the cost of insurance is the value and age of the automobile – this means that a used car can be much cheaper to insure as it is not worth as much money as a brand new model.


Some may think that they will only find beat up old cars in the used car market, but this is not the case. Modern day automobiles are built exceptionally well and will easily last at least 100,000 miles, so you can find a car in great condition and one which will not let you down even if it is a few years old.

Overall, buying used is, more often than not, the best approach for a motorist seeking a new vehicle. Provided that you do not mind carrying out a little research and you know what to be aware of, it should not take you too long to find a great deal on a high-quality second-hand vehicle.