In the last few years, modern brands and businesses have taken a keen interest in data quality management. From improving their sales and profits to reaching out to their target audiences, data plays a key role in almost all aspects of a business.

A standard definition of data includes all knowledge and information along with figures and statistics that help in analyzing and referencing.

In the information technology era, the one who possesses the data is the one who can plan ahead, formulate strategies, execute them correctly, and follow up to guarantee success.

In this article, we will discuss data and why has it become such a critical component for growth and success for businesses in the modern era.

Data Quality Management:

Data Quality Management

Data Quality Management or DQM is a defined process or a set of practices that ensure that the quality of data that is being collected, stored and processed is of the highest quality. In other words, DQM aims to process the data, which offers the highest ROIs across different verticals- sales, marketing, lead gen, CRM and so on.

Every business or brand wants to work with information that helps it in the most optimum fashion possible. By following a meticulous and stringent DQM process, brands can hope to extrapolate data, which informs crucial decision making and results in growth.

Ways in which Data helps Businesses across different verticals:

1. Sales and Marketing:

Growth is a function of reaching out to new target consumers, convincing them of your brand and product and winning over their business. However, if you do not know who to reach out to, how are you going to influence them?

The best form of data quality management makes it possible for businesses to reach out to consumers who will purchase from the brand. This is also known in marketing circles as ‘hot leads’. However, if you have a poor data set at your disposal, you will not be able to succeed on the same level.

2. Customer Relationship:

Customer Relationship

With so many options and alternatives in the market, every brand wants to build brand loyalty and retain its consumers. CRM has become one of the most crucial functions of any business in the past few years.

A good CRM strategy across offline and online channels is dependent on data for information and guidance. The right data helps CRM team upsell products, engage users and keep the flow of communication always open.

3. Growth Projection and Future Plans:

If you are a business, which does not have a plan in place for the future, you cannot expect to succeed. However, if you have relevant data that projects growth, exposure, problems, and challenges at your disposal, you can chart your road map easily.

Brands depend on data for making future investments, predict market growth, and plan expansion strategies. Data quality management helps businesses take the next steps towards a more prosperous future.


The advent of data and its growth by using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and other technology is bringing forth a world, which is going to be strategic, informed and growth-oriented. There is always a pattern to the data, which is collected, stored and processed.

From political parties to billion-dollar multi-national-corporations, everyone is queuing to make the most of data quality management in 2020. Do you think data is a vital component of any business’s growth strategy? Tell us in the comments section below.