There is a growing trend among society to buy food that has a considerable storage date and will last for years. Why should you store emergency food and what are the advantages?The need for emergency food storage has become more and more prevalent over the last few years after an increase in natural disasters.

Who can forget the flooding that has affected so many different people around the world? The other disasters that have prompted an increase in sales in emergency food involves fires and hurricanes. After each major disaster, there is a period of time that elapses before rescue arrives. There is also usually a delay before supplies arrive. The “be prepared” attitude of food storage companies would minimize the worry that there would be no food or water available in an emergency.


Water is notoriously difficult to store as it can develop toxins or even evaporate. Without water chances of survival fade away to a period of 3 days. This makes clean, healthy water a must have in an emergency situation. Citing the danger of your everyday water supply being contaminated in an emergency and so finding a clean and plentiful supply will make all the difference between life and death when disaster strikes.


Maybe you have a supply of dried pulses that sits in the cupboard in case of disaster. Unfortunately, everyday food in normal packaging will not last for years for various reasons. For instance, canned food that is available in supermarkets has a limited shelf life. If the can is not double enamel lined, the food can become contaminated by the metal in the can, rendering it unusable after the limited period.

dried-pulsesThere are some people that leave their nutritional needs in the hands of the Gods during disaster. Not only should we think about what we would do in an emergency but also how effective is the food that we would rely on. There are complex groups of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals that human beings need to function at their best. Eating canned beans is not such a bad option but after a couple of days the need for more sophisticated foods becomes apparent. When specialty emergency food is used, the nutrients for survival are all present in the freeze dried goods. This will give your family the best chance of surviving and surviving well in the case of an emergency.


The argument against storing emergency food and water is that, it is only bought by people who are paranoid about disasters or that are taught about the end of the world in their religion. However, the rise of this industry correlates to the amount of natural disasters that the world has witnessed during the last few years. Storing emergency food does not appear so crazy anymore.

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