Autoflowering seeds have brought immense revolution in the marijuana farming. These seeds are popular among many pot growers since they require less work, grow fast and they also do not require specialized lighting schedules like many other marijuana seeds. The good thing is that they produce high quality smoke and high yields. Another important thing to note about the autoflowering seeds is that they are not a result of genetic modification as it happens with feminized seeds. They are produced after many years of breeding. Sativa strains and regular indica are bred with ruderalis lineages. Ruderalis is a type of pot that is found in some of the colder areas of the world like northern china and Russia.

As a result of adverse conditions, Autoflowering seeds have been able to do well even in areas where there is less light. Through careful breeding, experienced marijuana growers have been able to mix the autoflowering characteristics of ruderalis into a number of sativa and indica strains of marijuana. This has led to better seeds with all the potency and high yields of your desired marijuana strains. The process has been a success leading to great marijuana strains such as OG Kush, AK-47, Amnesia Haze and other high yield varieties.  You can get all these strains from one of the I Love Growing Marijuana shop.

Benefits of Autoflowering seeds

Harvest throughout the year

One of the greatest benefits is that you can harvest them anytime of the year. They do not rely on the cycles of light that dictate how flowering occurs. What this means is that you can grow them throughout the year with several high yield harvests.  You do not have to worry about the changes in seasons like it happens with other types of marijuana seeds. This gives first time growers a great advantage since the maintenance work required is less.

Produce quick results

Autoflowering seeds you buy from I Love Growing Marijuana shop give quick results compared to any other type of marijuana seeds. Within ten weeks from the time of planting, they are ready for harvest. This allows you to enjoy regular and fast production of great yields. One thing to keep in mind is that despite that they grow quickly; they give similar yields like the other normal marijuana seeds.


These seeds are very discreet since they do not grow beyond 1 to 1.2 meters in height. This does not only enhance their discreetness, but also their stealth. It is easier to manage them when they are in your grow room. Thus, they are perfect for planting on the balcony or for those who want to do some guerrilla farming. Thus, autoflowering seeds are best for those who do not have ample space to do the farming.

High level resilience

As a result of their rudely heritage, autoflowering seeds sold at I Love Growing Marijuana shop have high resilience to infections, pets and cold. This makes the seeds perfect for starters, but they are also great if you live in cold parts of the world. It is also possible to grow them outdoors during the winter season. Thus, if you are a beginner you should go for these seeds for the best experience and yields.