Do you have a dog friend at home? Then you can totally relate to this. Adopting a dog can give you immediate joy. But there are other benefits, too! Being a dog parent is good for your mental health, physical health even. A study suggests that owning a dog reduces the chances of developing cardiovascular problems. It’s because you take less stress, your cholesterol levels are lowered, and you are more active.

Your dog can sense negative emotions in you. Pets have evolved to become more accustomed to human emotions which is why it’s therapeutic to play with them.

A dog provides for a perfect companion in old age. Many parents adopt a pet after their children move out for higher education. Caring for a dog makes you a calmer and more compassionate person.

Why is that? Why do you forget your worries when you are around your dog? Why does seeing your dog after a stressful day make you happy? Let’s unravel the mystery!

You have someone waiting for you at home

Millenials are believed to be the loneliest generation. As the importance of having good jobs and wealth is increasing, relationships have taken a backseat. We do not have time for our loved ones anymore. This is also because our jobs require us to stay away from families, which results in us not seeing them for months. And a lot of us we do not have real friends at work.

Result being, the moment we come back from work, we start feeling empty and lonely. Nothing to look forward to. Well, not anymore! You have your dog waiting excitedly for you, and the moment you enter, it jumps with joy, licking you all over. After all, it waited for you the whole day.

This is what gives you something to look forward to each day. You know that at least your dog is there for you at all times. You are now happier!

You have someone to take care of

We, human beings, long for a purpose, and owning a dog gives you just that. You have someone to take care of all the time. Your dog’s schedule is your schedule now.

You get up at a time when your dog needs to poop or needs to go for a walk. Whether you eat or not, you give it food on time. No more spontaneous plans! You stay at home because you don’t want your dog to be alone.

But all of this is not as bad as it sounds. You do that by choice. Just because spending time with your pet makes you happier.

You are not alone anymore

Owning a dog means you have a companion for almost all the activities.

You now have a travelling buddy, no more solo trips! You have someone to play with or go jogging with. No more procrastinating physical activity! And, you can now watch a movie with your buddy. No more lonely movie nights. You even have someone to sleep with. Isn’t that great?

Also, you have someone to talk to, to vent out to. The moment you vocalise your worries, fears and problems, they seem to become better. A dog provides for a perfect listener!

You have a partner at meals

You are eating something, engrossed in your food. You look up and see your dog, wagging its tail, showing you it’s innocent eyes with it’s mouth watering, you can’t help but share your food.

But you don’t mind sharing food with your buddy, do you? Even the biggest foodies will share their food with their dogs. After all, what’s a greater sin than depriving your dog of the food that you are eating?

Final Words

Isn’t all of this a stress buster? Does this not give you a purpose? And does this not make you look forward to your day? Dog therapy is what everyone needs! It’s a thing now. Many companies are striving to make their office pet friendly. Employers have started to realise that having a dog around can actually increase productivity in employees.

But, your dog’s health is important too. You can’t ignore your dog’s health. After all, only a healthy dog can have health benefits for you. Take it to a vet at Concord vet hospital for regular checkups and your dog will be in good health.

So, if you don’t own a dog already, do not think twice. Go and buy or adopt one. You will be amazed with the effect that has on your mental health. You will not need to consult anyone or take therapy classes. Your dog will be your therapy. Your dog will be the companion you need. Cheers!