Sukhdev Vihar

Who is Avinash Gupta (Sukhdev Vihar)?

Avinash Gupta, a public figure and sweetheart of many Indians, came into this world. He is the eldest among 4 siblings, 2 brothers and 1 sister. He lived in Sukhdev Vihar with his parents and siblings.

As a child, Avinash Gupta grew up very sensitive. He used to feel other’s pain and sorrows. Since childhood, he has been keen to help his fellows and peers. Later, in adulthood, his philanthropic nature compelled him to serve humanity in various ways. Till date, he has done a great job being a scientist, a teacher, an artist, and guess what, a politician also.


Avinash Gupta Sukhdev Vihar belonged to a middle-class family. When he was a kid, the financial condition of his family was not so good. Of course, bringing up 4 children is not something easy to do for an average-paid worker. They lived in a small house. His father was working as a supervisor in a small firm at that time. He was the only breadwinner of the family and had to support them all alone. He could hardly make ends meet to feed his family and bear other necessary expenses with his earnings. Even though it was his dream to provide good education to his children, it seemed impossible then. For this, he started working at a workshop as a part-time job, and somehow, Avinash’s father managed to get him admission in one of the top schools of Sukhdev Vihar.


Despite all financial issues, Avinash showed up with excellent academic performance. He had a burning desire to seek knowledge. He did not have god-gifted intelligence, but he was dedicated and hard-working. And this leads him to become a role model for youth.

  • Avinash was first admitted to the MS Creative School of Sukhdev Vihar.
  • After completing his primary education, he got a scholarship from school because of his outstanding results.
  • Soon as he passed FSC, he got admission to a renowned institute of Sukhdev Vihar, i.e., DEV Samaj Modern School no. 2.
  • After passing HSC with an A1 grade, he got admission to Delhi Technological University, formerly known as Delhi College of Engineering.

In school, Avinash was a brilliant student and an apple of the eye of many teachers. He was also beloved by his classmates for always being kind, helpful, and generous to everyone.

During his school, Avinash participated in extracurricular activities also. He won many awards in debate competitions, creative writing, and also a few medals in sports. He always had an interest in science and technology. Even science was one of his favorite subjects. He always came up with innovative ideas and mind-blowing projects during Science exhibitions held in school. When he was in 10th standard, school management also selected his project on solar energy to keep for display at science competitions organized for all schools of the district. There he won 2nd prize for his splendid project idea.

It was the time when he decided to choose Science and Technology as a career. To pursue his dreams, he got admission to the famous technical college of Sukhdev Vihar.

After high school, he also volunteered for several social activities such as arts, counseling, and teaching.

Overall, Avinash Gupta was a brilliant student throughout his academic period.

Beginning Of Political Career

When Avinash was doing graduation, he was also very popular in the institute. His classmates were often looking for his help in their studies. Even during exams, they found Avinash giving tuitions to a few of his friends and fellows. Besides that, some close friends observing his proficiency and knowledge suggested opening an academy and starting teaching youth. However, at that time, Avinash did not have much spare time to do, that’s why he did not think of it seriously.

While Avinash Gupta was still in his third year of University, his name was given for University Elections by a group of friends. Because he was already a popular figure in University and the majority admired him for his outstanding performance, it was no surprise that he got elected as the President of the Students’ Politics Organization. From here, a new era of his life began.

Until he remained a part of this society, he worked for the benefit of students. He raised his voice for their rights and did everything that was lawful. It was the first time when Avinash Gupta himself got to know about his leadership qualities. Politicians knew that youth was a potent group of voting for any political party. Hence, seeing Avinash’s popularity among the youth, several parties of Sukhdev Vihar started to approach Avinash Gupta to join them. Since Avinash was young blood and had no idea at all but high in spirit to seek the opportunity of achieving something big at such a young age.

During that period when Avinash was associated with these political parties in different elections, he served his country and fellow citizens in all possible ways. No matter to which party he belonged, he always showed his loyalty to the public and worked for their betterment. Meanwhile, he established good connections with politicians and many high-profile people and did tremendous work to deliver his people.

His motto was to improve the standard of living, provide food and other amenities, and make education compulsory for all children. He came into politics because of the youth; therefore, he always focused on giving them a bright future. He worked day and night to achieve his goals. No doubt, he was a remarkable politician with an admirable personality and skills. He remained the part of politics for almost ten years. After serving his country for constant ten years, he quit politics.

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