With summer nearly here, parents everywhere are rushing to fill their children’s itinerary with the likes of summer camp, beach trips, and weekend getaways. In addition to these fun summer outings, parents should make sure that their kids are getting out and about by playing outside on a regular basis. Not sure how to encourage your kids to play outside this summer? Consider the following four suggestions:

Pull out the Trampoline

With only one in three children physically active on a daily basis, summer gives parents the opportunity to turn the table on these statistics. During several months-worth of summer vacation days, children should be given every opportunity to play their hearts out, and what better way to do so than bouncing around? Parents can kickstart the summer fun by bringing out the trampoline. As long as young children are adequately supervised when they jump, this is one of the best ways to get kids out and about during those long summer days.

Set up a Swing Set

Swing sets may seem like memories of a time gone by, but that needn’t be the case. It’s rare that a child doesn’t love swinging, so much so that it’s likely most parents will find that this is one pastime their little one can’t get enough of. Parents should prepare for a summer full of fun by installing wooden swing sets in their backyards. With a safe and fun swing set in the comfort of their own homes, kids no longer have an excuse to not go outside.

Another amazing benefit of having swing sets at one’s home is giving parents an excuse to invite their parent friends over. Instead of having to
schedule a playdate at the local park, parents can now make their house the go-to for weekly play dates.

Grab Some Water Toys

Whether parents have a pool in the backyard or they’ve set up an inflatable kiddie pool, no summer is complete without fun water toys. While the best age-appropriate water toys will differ for each child, classic toys like balls and floating hoops give a whole new meaning to pool time.

Another great option for pool toys includes water guns. These refillable sharp shooting water toys are an iconic summer staple that no childhood is complete without.

Explore in the Shade

With all the plans to have great summer adventures, children may get carried away and try to stay out in the sun too long. As parents do their best to plan fun surprises for their kids during the summer, they should also take into consideration the impact of the sun as 60 – 80% of an individual’s lifetime sun exposure occurs before one’s 18th birthday.

Finding fun things to do in the shade can make the difference between a summer of sunburns and having safe and healthy summer fun. Some ideas of fun in the shade include having tea parties, playing in a treehouse, setting up a tent in the backyard, and going out when the sun isn’t at its highest in the sky.

A summer well spent is one filled with regular physical fitness, ample time outdoors, and quality time with friends and family. Parents would do well to keep these four suggestions in mind when planning their children’s summers.