UAE falls among those countries of the world which comes in the top in everything. This country actually deserves to be among the top, as the people and Government of UAE both worked day and night to bring UAE to a place where it is today. Now there is not even a single corner in UAE which is not unique or not amazing. Each and every corner of UAE is so incredibly beautiful. Basically, UAE is a must visit country. From the most popular Emirate of UAE to the least popular part of any small town, everything is just so beautiful and unique here.

What different emirates are called as in UAE?

Abu Dhabi is the capital city of UAE and is called as the most popular state of UAE. Dubai is called as the most developed city if UAE. Fujairah is called as the modern and industrious city. But now the question is which city is called the green city of UAE. Do you have an answer for that? Let me tell you. Al Ain city is called the green city of UAE.

Know about the green city of UAE-

As I told above that Al Ain id called the green city of UAE. Have you ever thought why Al Ain is called as the green city? Let me tell you. The city of Al Ain is all about greenery. Once you enter this city you will start seeing places all covered in greenery. The kind of greenery which can give you fresh vibes after seeing it. To see this green city you have to book your deal for Al Ain City Tour and I guess this will be the best decision you made.

Al Ain City Tour:

There are a lot of tours that can be done in UAE but going for the Al Ain City Tour is the best choice that you can make because every emirate of UAE is all about modern lifestyle while the city of Al Ain tells people what it is like to have greenery all around? The Al Ain Tour can refresh your mind and can calm you. There are a lot of places that can be visited in Al Ain City Tour. These places are the reason behind the popularity of Al Ain. Let me give you short details about these places below.

Must visit places in the Al Ain Tour:

Camel Market:

The most famous and huge camel market exists in the city of Al Ain.

Al Ain Palace Museum:

If you want to know about how the king and his family used to live then this place is a must visit.

Al Ain Shopping Mall:

This is a very huge shopping mall in Al Ain and is a must visit for shopaholics.

Al Ain Zoo:

All the wild and unique animals are found here. You will be amazed after being at this place in your Al Ain Tour.

Al Jahili Fort:

This is the oldest fort to exist in Al Ain till date and is a must visit for people who want to see the old and past lifestyle of Al Ain.

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