Ensuring the safety and security of your property and the people present on it is your duty. Otherwise, one untowardly incident is enough to ruin all that you built after sweating out your time, money, and energy for so long.

For that, it’s critical to hire a trustworthy and efficient security officer who can protect your business and those who are involved in it. You cannot let any random individual handle this job.

Watching over commercial properties, such as an office building compound, a corporate complex, a shopping mall or strip mall, a medical facility is not easy. It requires industry knowledge and specialized skills.

Whether you are a businessman, a security in-charge, or property manager of a commercial site, you may sometimes find it challenging to know when is the right time to contract security service. However, there is nothing to worry about it.

You only have to be alert to specific signals that indicate a need for patrolling. Here some of those situations have been discussed.

An increase in security issues

It is natural to maintain a record of all the security problems that occur in your commercial buildings or grounds. When you see such concerns have become commonplace with new ones adding up, even if those mean seasonal challenges, you can resort to a reliable security service providing agency for help so that the unwanted occurrences remain in check.

The rise of criminal activities in and around the area

Even if your business is located in the safe premises, you cannot afford to be lenient with its security when the neighbourhood or the city where it is located is experiencing a growth in crime rates.

You need to deploy security officers to prevent your business from possible threats and dangers. And you can take this step for your single property also that has not witnessed any security issues yet. Contracting a professional service will only be helpful.

The security problems at nearby businesses

If you own a shop, a shopping mall, or an office building in Perth, it is advisable that you check with surrounding shops and offices the kind of security problems they are facing. Whether the challenges are similar or different, inquiring about them will enlighten you on the type of measures you would need to keep your business secure.

The inefficacy of the existing security measures

Sometimes it happens that you have security systems at a place, but still they fail to yield the desired outcome. If this is the case, then it’s time you heed upgrading your security service.

Having security measures which cannot protect your business means nothing. You should opt for professional security guard hire Perth, keeping in mind the goals and needs of your business. It will not only safeguard your property from existing threats but also from potential security challenges that can prove harmful.

The feedback about your existing security personnel

You may already have security staff at your premises to watch over it. But make sure you keep an eye on them. Monitoring their performance and behaviour is critical to ensure you don’t make any mistake by leaving everything to them.

If you have been getting negative feedback about your hire, it’s a sign that something is wrong and needs your intervention. Go through all the complaints that have been levelled against your employee and try to focus on the pattern and sources of such feedback.

If you detect some issues have been constant with your employee, then it is better you look for a professional service provider in this field.

The lack of long-term security programs

When it comes to the safety of the property, you need to ensure that your security techniques are well-advanced and quick to respond to any unforeseen challenges. So even if you feel the current system that is in place can deal with present problems and situations, don’t sit comfortably with it.

You should think of long-term results. What will happen when your business doubles up? If you select a professional company for security purposes, you wouldn’t need to worry about your future. Being an industry expert, they will be proficient in delivering results in every situation.

So, if you have not hired a professional security service providing company by now, then go ahead and contract one. You are responsible for the safety of your business, employees, and guests. By hiring an efficient agency, you can take care of it all without any problem. However, when you choose one, you can look out for the following traits in the person to be sure that he or she is perfect for the job you require them to perform.

The traits of the right security guard


The person should be aware of the kind of clothing and footwear he or she would need to perform the assigned job. They should be prepared to face any situation that comes across.


Check how quick the reflexes of the person work. It would show how alert that person is and how efficiently he or she can handle a precarious situation. They should be prompt in their analysis and in reacting to a particular condition.

Rational thinking

While being alert is a remarkable thing, it is also necessary that a security guard is sensible with his or her judgement. The person should be able to identify between an actual threat and a minor security issue. For that, he or she needs to have a good sense of applying their thought process.


Another critical requirement is their communication ability. A security officer needs to convey to the employer, the employees, and the guests the kind of danger one can face and what is its possibility based on the current state and how it is avoidable. If he or she is an excellent communicator, you can trust them with their task.

Fitness and training

Security operations require relevant education and fitness as these are specialized tasks. So, make sure the person you hire for this job is physically and mentally fit as well as adequately trained in the field.

If you want to keep your property and people safe, then hiring a professional guard service is a must.