Online gaming is fun, and when it comes to vintage games, there is no comparison. The solitaire card game is one of the vintage computer games that made its presence in Microsoft Windows. Since then, it has become one of the most loved online card games by kids and youngsters. is one of the best platforms where I enjoyed playing the solitaire game and was able to complete a few as well.



Now when it comes to playing solitaire, there are numerous facts that you are unaware of. I can’t bring them all in one article. Hence, I am gathering some of the interesting facts that you would love to read.

Solitaire Has a Long History: It’s wrong if you think that solitaire came into existence via windows in personal computers. Instead, it has a long past which ranges up to 200 years ago. Germany is said to be the origin of solitaire. It is expected to originate in the 18th century. However, in the 19th century, its craze increased, and different solitaire variants were introduced in the market.

Solitaire was Introduced in Windows 3.0: Yes, Microsoft introduced Klondike Solitaire was introduced in Windows 3.0, which was released in the year 1990. Since then, it has become an integral part of windows for personal computers. Today, you can see multiple solitaire games in Microsoft, including Spider, FreeCell, Pyramid, and TriPeaks. You can play the ones you love the most and enjoy to the fullest.

Solitaire Was Developed by an Intern: This is an interesting fact that not most of you know! Do you know that an intern developed the solitaire you play in Microsoft windows? Yes! Cherry was on his internship with Microsoft when he created the popular card game, which became a standard need in every window.

Only Windows 8 Miss the Solitaire: Since its introduction in Windows 3.0, solitaire was added to all the Windows except Windows 8. However, you can install them from the Microsoft app store. Similar to solitaire, the minesweeper game was also skipped from Windows 8. However, this was a rare case that never happened again in later versions of Windows.

The highest Score of Microsoft Solitaire is 24113: A high score challenges every player to try next time and make a new high score. However, there is always a score that is impossible to achieve. In Microsoft Solitaire, 24114 is the highest score ever. You can imagine the level of expertise and keenness of the record holder.

So, these are some of the exciting facts about solitaire that you would definitely love to read. I bet that you don’t know a few of them. Do let me know which of the above was unknown and which other facts you know about the Solitaire game?

In the meantime, if you love to enjoy playing different versions of solitaire, is the right place to land. I personally enjoyed playing this game that take me back to the 90s era.

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