Skin care specialists are always warning us about the dangers of going to bed without washing our face, and for good a reason.  During our sleep, skin cells regenerate the quickest, so it only makes sense to keep it healthy by giving it some TLC before hitting the sack.

Whether you suffer from sensitive, dry, oily or normal skin, clean skin is essential to keep the skin soft. Additionally, ingredients that help the skin’s luster are key to rejuvenate the complexion. A night time routine also ensures that your skin is continually properly hydrated and clear.

After a night out, in a full face of makeup, going straight to bed can be a breeding ground for bacteria growth, oil and dirt, which can cause blackheads and acne. Clean skin will help skin cells properly turn over while we sleep, so we can help that by infusing it with much-needed vitamins and minerals so we can wake up fresh.

Why Is Clean Skin Before Bed So Important?

Not only will clean skin, diminish the amount of oil that accumulates on the skin, but you will have fewer blemishes as a result.  All the dirt and oils that have collected on your skin throughout the day will also wipe off on your pillow.  After a few nights of a dirty face, blemishes may arise.

A night skincare routine is important because it balances the skin, keeps fungi and unsightly bacteria from creeping up and prevents certain skin diseases. Clean skin also provides the foundation for your other skin care needs.  What good does a moisturizer do, if there are layers of dirt and grime under it?  Clean skin helps to better absorb nutrients that are vital to keeping it healthy.

Removing, oil dirt and makeup also provides a clean palette for your makeup and other skin care needs.  Without clean skin, foundations, eye shadows and lipsticks simply won’t glide on as easily and won’t look quite as beautiful on a dirty face.

Lastly, your skin loses moisture throughout the day, so cleansing and following through with a proper moisturizer will replenish lost hydration and not to mention, it just feels good going to bed with a fresh face.

A Nighttime Regimen For All Skin Types

By now, you probably understand what a skin type is and why it’s so important.  When creating a nighttime regimen, it’s pretty much the same as a regimen during the day, only you’ll want to follow through with products with coincide with your skin type, addressing any symptoms.

This is the best time to infuse some vitamins and additional moisture within your skin, since it can dry out at night and your skin rejuvenates while you sleep.

First, find a cleanser, because water alone won’t clean your face.  A cleanser gently removes dirt, oil and debris from the skin, setting the foundation for additional products to absorb into the skin.

Toning the skin is important, following a cleanser, because it wipes away excessive dirt the cleanser may have missed.  Toners refresh your skin’s surface and prevent dry patches.

When it comes to exfoliation, it isn’t necessary to do so every night, but when your skin seems a little dull, it’s a good idea to follow-thru with product that will remove lingering dead skin. Beta hydroxy acids and alpha hydroxy acids are great for revealing fresher, smoother skin, eliminating rough patches and unevenness.

After cleansing, toning and exfoliation, moisturizer helps to replenish moisture back into the skin.  If you’ve cleansed and exfoliated, you’ll find that moisturizers will blend in much better. Night creams and lotions also tend to be a bit thicker than one for the day, since our skin can dry out.  Night creams also tend to have more vitamins for our skin.

If you choose to do so, you can even follow up with a mask to sleep in or perhaps a spot treatment.  If you have acne, blemishes, brown spots or any form of redness, then spot treatments will help you quell them as you sleep. Masks, on the other hand, may be needed for extra dry skin or skin that needs additional treatment for addressing skin concerns.

A nightly skin care regimen is essential for keeping beautiful, younger looking skin.  Depending on your skin care needs, a night  regimen can be simple or more extensive.  Remember, exfoliation isn’t necessary on a daily basis, as to avoid irritations, but cleansing is.

When it comes to skin care, only follow what’s appropriate for your skin type to receive the best benefits.  A night routine will not only replenish your skin, but will prevent any problems in the future.