With many giant steps the technological giant, Google, has made so far, the burning question everyone is asking is “what’s up next from Google?”

“We are focused on our core mission of organizing the world’s information for everyone and approach this by applying deep computer science and technical insights to solve problems at scale,” said CEO Sundar Pichai, during Google annual developer conference.

By combing artificial intelligence and the personal data derived from its users, Google is invading personal spaces of our daily interactions. This step makes it easy for Google to venture into new territories that will leave the modern world mouths wide open.

Google is expected to shine more in many areas, including the following:

1. Your Wearable Technology:

Whether or not the public will embrace the technology of Google Glass, that’s isn’t for Google’s lack of trying. Glass technological capabilities are expected to grow. It is reportedly believed that its frames will be slimmer, and the apps will run smoother and faster.

Other than Google Glass technology, Google is also coming up with another wearable, namely smartwatch. Ever since they acquired Wimm smartwatch company, they are working on a smartwatch technology that will possibly tackle the problem of functionality, bulkiness, battery life and usefulness.

With smartwatches set to flood the market shortly, the prediction is that 37 million smartwatches will be running the operating systems Wear OS and Android, with 34.5 million running the Apple Watch OS. This means that casino players can access their best online casino games without even holding their phones, thanks to Google wearable technology advancement.

2. Your Wallet:

Google has powerfully crept into the e-Commerce industry through paid apps and integration with several other purchasing platforms.

Google wallet centrally stores not only the credit and debit cards but also gift cards and reward cards. Google is not stopping at that—its literary about to take customers shopping. In fact, the company will be able to send a taxi to carry you to stores to pick the product you purchased online.

3. Your Phone:

Google has enriched smartphones greatly, thanks to its many apps such as Gmail, Google, Google docs and several others. The company continues to bring new Google apps that push the company up and forward in the smartphone industry.

Google continues to work around the cell phone hardware also, with the company particularly interested in manufacturing only priced phones for developing countries. Cell phones priced as low as $75 may be about to deluge the market, thanks to Google’s aim to make everyone own at least a smartphone.

4. Your Home:

The idea of home automation has been in around for many years. The next phase leads us to a smart home adjustable by the android app, be it temperature, lights on and off, alarm, etc. This idea is by no means new, and Google’s long-standing efforts may soon reshape the idea of a smart home completely.

Also, Google is launching into “proactive assistance” for a smart speaker, where you will not need to say “OK, Google” to wake it up. This feature will notify you when you need to wake up earlier than normal due to traffic jam along your road.

Not only that, you will most likely make hands-free calls from your Google Home speaker. Not believing it? Well, just be alive and wait at that moment to dial a mobile number in the US or Canada and call for free. The device will also recognize up to six different voices in your household and familiarise to personal preferences accordingly.

5. Your Internet:

The internet can’t be left behind. The introduction of Google Fibre is a wonderful discovery- just imagine a connection that is up to 100 times faster than your average broadband connection.

With faster speeds and download, Google fiber will find its way to your TVs. Gamblers will find it easy to find and play the best US casino online without internet connectivity issues. If the world continues to envy this great stride in internet technology, there are only a handful of countries so far who enjoy this technology– Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri. This is however expected to change soon when Google sets up such projects on several other developing countries.

6. Your Healthcare:

ConsideringGoogle’s commitment to improving your life, it would only be unfair if Google Companygave no thought to your health. So far, Google prides itself in Google Smart Contact Lens made for diabetics. Probably, more products are lining up for us—watch out for what the ongoing anti-aging research brings about.

7. Your surroundings:

Then there is Lens which comprises of vision-based computing capabilities, integrated into Google Assistant and the Photos app. You will not imagine an app that understands what you’re looking at.

You will just point the camera at a substance, and it will identify the substance, or connect automatically to a nearby Wi-Fi when the camera points at log in details sticker of the router. You will also hold your camera to a restaurant and be able to automatically get its reviews instantly.