It’s no secret that flowers are great gifts for all kinds of occasions and specific events. Our favorite pickings can represent a variety of different emotions and symbols which make them ideal for acknowledging sentiments and additions to any celebrations. Afterall, sometimes an arrangement of carefully chosen flowers and greenery can express our thoughts and emotions better than words ever could. Tapping into the power of flowers can be intimidating, but with a little understanding of the rich history and symbolism of flowers we can find the type of flowers that are a great fit for any specific event.

For more information, please scroll through the following gift giving guide about how to find the type of flowers for different occasions:


When people celebrate their lives together, it is a great time to show your loved one how special they are by treating them with a nice poem, beautiful anniversary jewelry and off course, spectacular flowers. A traditional acknowledgement of any anniversary is flowers. For the romantic at heart, you might want to rely on the old standby of roses or your partner’s favorite blooms. However, consider revisiting these time honored traditional anniversary options, such as:

            1st:      Carnation

            2nd:     Cosmos

            3rd:      Sunflower

            4th:      Geranium

            5th:      Daisy

            6th:      Calla Lily

            7th:      Freesia

            8th:      Lilac

            9th:      Bird of Paradise

            10th:    Daffodil

            11th:    Tulip

            12th:    Peony

            13th:    Chrysanthemum

            14th:    Dahlia

            15th:    Roses

            20th:    Aster

            25th:    Iris

            30th:    Lilies

            40th:    Gladiolas

            50th:    Violets and Roses


Use peach roses, sweet peas, hydrangeas, pink carnations, azaleas, or a  mixed assortment of flowers to say thank you, show gratitude, or acknowledge someone’s good deeds. These are great flower types to show appreciation for your boss, teacher, best friend, and more. Add a little handwritten note and you will have a personalized meaningful gift.


Celebrate another year with a round of cake and a bouquet of bright and cheerful flowers. We love lilies, daisies, wildflowers, or tulips for mom or close friends. For your partner, add a touch of romance to the day by considering iconic red roses or a potted plant to represent your growing relationship.

Get Well Soon

If you want to cheer someone up who is feeling under the weather consider giving flowers. Research shows that flowers at a patient’s bedside can improve recovery. However, it is highly recommended that we avoid highly fragrant options like lilies, lilacs, or freesia. Instead, choose from the following patient friendly flowers: iris, daffodils, tulips, and sunflowers.

Mother’s Day

Show mom how much we care with a corsage, bouquet, or arrangement of vibrant tulips, pink carnations, or light pink roses.

Religious Occasions

Celebrate and decorate for religious holidays with flowers and plants. Each religion and holiday have some wonderful classic choices to choose from. For example, floral arrangements near the Christmas holiday are often adorned with a combination of poinsettias, ivy, Christmas cactuses, red or white roses, and iconic evergreen boughs.


Send messages of sympathy to mourners with the following blooms: lilies, hyacinth, white roses, carnations, forget-me-nots, chrysanthemum, or gladiolus. It is also acceptable to give a person’s favorite flowers.

Valentine’s Day

Show your affection and appreciation to the one who holds the key to your heart with traditional red roses or select an arrangement of bluebells to represent your love everlasting.


Flowers go with weddings like peanut butter and jelly. However, choosing flowers can be overwhelming. First, it’s important to note that choosing the perfect flowers for a wedding will rely on a variety of factors. These often include: the season, personality of the couple, and even the venue’s location. There are always new trends for wedding flowers, but don’t overlook the following tried and true options: roses, baby breath, calla lilies, rinanculas, orchids, and gardenias.

Types of Flowers That Are A Great Fit for Any Occasion

It doesn’t matter what the occasion or specific event is, flowers and plants are priceless gifts that help us convey our thoughts and emotions during times where it is difficult to find just the right phrasing of words. However, we can challenge ourselves to put some thought and personalization to our choices of flowers. With a little planning we can easily pick the perfect flowers for any specific event.