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Step away from the minivan. Your family is growing, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up your sense of automotive style. While a sporty two-seater isn’t going to do the trick anymore, you still have many family car options available to you. If you like the van, feel free to enjoy it. If you’re looking for something else, keep in mind these important family car features.

A Vacuum

Kids can be messy, and it’s common for the family car to be full of crumbs, dropped snacks and dirty shoe prints. A vehicle with a built-in vacuum cleaner is an excellent way to quickly and easily clean up life’s little messes, no matter where you happen to be when they strike. For the optimal road trip experience, choose a car with a built-in refrigerator as well. That way snacks and cold drinks can be served at any time and cleaned up on the same schedule.

A Backup Camera

Naturally, safety is paramount in a family car. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 58 to 69 lives a year could be saved if all cars had backup cameras in them. Backup cameras make it easier to see small objects behind the car, such as toddlers, kid’s bicycles and family pets. They make both the inside and outside of the family car safer places to be.

Fuel Efficiency

Dance recitals, soccer games, music lessons and many other destinations come with children. Getting everyone where they need to go cost-effectively requires a car that is fuel efficient, making sedans an excellent option. A sedan from places like Bay Ridge Nissan gives you the multiple doors of a van or SUV without sacrificing fuel economy, letting you ferry everyone to appointments and practices without dipping into the kids’ college funds for gas money.


Every member of your family has unique tastes in entertainment, and having a Wi-Fi connection in the car lets you please them all. Wi-Fi makes long trips a breeze, allowing young children to watch cartoons while older children play games or watch movies. A Wi-Fi connection eases boredom and is a great way to find nearby restaurants and hotels or get directions if the GPS battery dies.

Safety Ratings

Obviously a safer car is a better choice, especially if it’s a family vehicle. Be sure to check safety ratings like the 5-Star ratings offered by NHTSA so you can compare the relative security that different vehicles offer. The rating system is simple, with more stars meaning a higher rating, so it’s very easy to understand which vehicles will be a great match for the safety-conscious consumer. You don’t have to be in the dark when it comes to choosing an exceedingly safe vehicle.

Of course, like all cars, the family vehicle must have plenty of leg room and ample cargo space for bringing along the gear you need for the activities you love. The extra features mentioned here, however, provide something for every member of your crew so you can all enjoy the ride, no matter what the destination.