Are you looking for a wood flooring at your place? You are about to make your decision in a few minutes from now!

When you plan to renew your house and think about flooring, there are a lot of options you come across. You are here because you are thinking of having a wood flooring to be done in your house. Wooden flooring may somewhat be expensive as other floorings come to you for real low than what a wooden flooring costs. But you can be sure that the wooden flooring when compared to other floorings, is less susceptible to cracking and other rough usages. Also, it can increase the value your house has to a great level.

Hardwood and timber floorings look good, feel professional and give a nice feeling to you as well as to people who visit you.  You always need to choose what type of flooring to be used in different areas in the house. Like you will have to choose a different flooring for the kitchen and bathroom areas. Other parts of the house which are not under regular use can be floored with engineering wooden flooring and the ones which are used can be floored with a solid wood flooring.

Also, hardwood floorings are more durable than the normal carpeted floors. Carpeted floors need constant vacuum cleaning on a regular basis while it gets worn off in a few years. While you call for another carpet installation, the wood flooring is just in the middle of its long journey.

What Points Do You Need to Consider Before You Keep in Mind While Choosing a Wood Flooring?

Wood Flooring


As wood floorings come with different colors you need to be sure which one you can choose, and which can look good in your house.  You can go forward as you want to with the timber floorings as each one of us has a different liking.


  • Timber is usually graded according to the quality and the markings on the wood like gum vein, tight-knots, and other markings.
  • There is Select grade which has very fewer features and has high markings
  • Then there is Medium grade which has medium markings on it with medium features
  • High feature grade has high features and there are little markings on it
  • Parquet Clear grade is clear of markings and has very high features
  • You can select wood according to your liking and the budget you have. Timber with high grades has a distinctive look compared to the other wood flooring available.

Board Width of The Wood

  • You can use the width according to your needs for groove, tongue or engineered flooring.
  • Hardness of the flooring
  • You need to select the flooring after determining the hardness of the floor you require. Different woods come with different hardness levels

Nail Type

  • You are given two choices which are Top Nail and Secret Nail. The nails are installed from the top in the top nail type which is visible, or you can opt for Secret nail which gives you a more polished look when the nails are installed internally through the board’s tongue.


  • The user should not only think about the costs but also about the feel of the flooring. It depends on the type of the floor and sub-floor supporting system you are using.
  • The wood when glued to concrete or laid over plywood gives a firmer look to it. It can help you over the years when it does not loosen or make noise over a period due to the loosening of nails and the floor.

You need to keep in mind that the timber with high price need not be a better one. You should always try to go for what you need.